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Company name
Shenzhen absolutely Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Date Foundation
Futian District, Shenzhen Shennan way 7028 , Guangdong province, China
Mobile Phones highlights
Kolina K100+

Kolina on market

Founded in October 2006, commercially known as 100+, Kolina is a large Chinese company, its most important growth occurred in 2011 when it was acquired by a venture capital firm Shenzhen Innovation Investment and later in 2013 by the Chinese giant communication Baidu, extending its strategic horizon to mix hardware + Software + distribution channel.

  Through strategic cooperation with China Telecom operates in more than 10 provinces B2B direct supply, covering more than 100,000 points of retail, mobile trading volume amounted to nearly 20 million yuan.

It has a cleavage of APP and physical channels for the distribution of content is via WIFI network providing distribution services and installed the line, finding booming thanks to the huge amount of cloud users with whom Baidu account.

In 2014 and has over 500 employees on staff.

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