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Wir präsentieren eine Liste der Marke Mstar mit den besten Preisen aus einem umfangreichen Katalog an inländischen und internationalen Geschäften. Hier kannst Du das am besten geeignete Geschäft zum Kauf Deines Smartphones der Marke Mstar auswählen, da wir Dir den Preis eines jeden Smartphones in den weltweit günstigsten Geschäften anzeigen.


h2> Mstar market </ h2> MStar Semiconductor is a Taiwanese company created in May 2002. It is dedicated to making hardware for multimedia and wireless communications devices, integrated circuits and chips for mobile phones.

In June 2012, the Chinese company Mediatek known for being one of the largest manufacturers of SOC for mobile terminals, acquired 48% of the company's purchase was challenged for violating the antitrust laws of China and South Korea and was eventually completed in February 2014. Mstar is know as "Little M" on China Market and Mediatek as "Big-M".

We are therefore faced with a company that is part of the production of SOC that are installed mainly in the Chinese terminals and is becoming one of the leaders in the market. As for smartphones, it does not have a wide assortment and has a terminal that does not call attention to great fanfare, taking a line with your price range average features.

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