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Overall satisfaction
  • 19
  • 34
  • 21
  • 15
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107 reviews
  • Screen6.5
  • Performance5.1
  • Camera5.6
  • Connectivity6.9
  • Battery4.9
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Design & Materials

Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone?

107 reviews

Do you think it's a nice phone?

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Is it comfortable?

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Can you see it well in the sunlight?

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Performance & Hardware

Does it have good sound?

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Does it work smoothly in everyday use?

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What's your experience been with demanding games?

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Quality of daytime photos

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Quality of nighttime photos

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Quality of selfies

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Does it have a powerful flash?

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Does it have good coverage for calls?

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Quality of the GPS

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And the WiFi?

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How long does the battery last?
  • 21%
    Less than half day
  • 43%
    Less than a day
  • 28%
    One day
  • 7%
    More than one day
  • 1%
    Two days or more

107 reviews


Did it come with preinstalled applications?
  • 6%
    It comes with a clean operating system
  • 43%
    It has preinstalled apps but they don't bother me
  • 51%
    It has preinstalled apps that I can't uninstall

107 reviews

Do you regularly receive updates?
  • 60%
  • 24%
    Once a year
  • 13%
    Every six months
  • 3%
    Every two months or less

107 reviews

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User reviews

  • An old but legendary phone

    Just saying that more than 12 years after its launch, Android Custom ROMs based on versions like LineageOS are still maintained on the XDA forums, I think it says a lot about how famous this phone is. Despite its low memory and CPU capacity, it still allows you to run basic apps like Facebook Lite, IP Webcam (allows you to turn the phone into a webcam), Via Browser, sound recording, music, video and many other things. I can say that it is a phone that you can carry around places like the Bronx without fear of being assaulted. Also if your original battery is dead and you can't find another one, you can jumper the terminals with a recycled USB cable to a powerbank, and the phone will work.

    • Still works, albeit slow, if flashed with a Custom ROM
    • Battery terminals can be jumpered to a powerbank
    • Very old. It's hard to get a battery and it only runs a few apps
    • 8.2
    • Screen7.6
    • Performance8.0
    • Camera7.2
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery10
  • Horrible!

    • Nada optimizado
    • muchos procesos en memoria
    • 2.7
    • Screen2.8
    • Performance2.3
    • Camera2.5
    • Connectivity6.7
    • Battery5.0
  • Good and affordable phone back in 2012-2013

    Back in 2012-2013 I bought this phone because of it's camera and because it was affordable and small. And it did not let me down.
    I actually wanted the S3, but a phone of that size simply does not fit in my pocket and I can't operate it with 1 hand. If I'd buy a phone larger than 13 centimetre long, I'd rather buy a tablet.
    Then came the S3 Mini, which was the perfect alternative: small, reasonably hardware, good camera, not too expensive. And I still use the phone today (April 2017)!
    It used to be a reasonably quick phone, but nowadays it is quite slow. But I've overstuffed the memory so that might have something to do with it.
    The only thing I have disliked about the phone, is that only 5.5 GB of storage is available for the user. I can't seem to install apps on the SD card, which is why the storage of the internal memory card has been full, permanently, for the last 2 years.
    Camera: good shots in good light conditions, but does not compare to newer phones of course.

    • back in 2013: good camera in good light conditions
    • back in 2013: good price/quality ratio
    • not bulky, small size, operatable with small hands
    • internal memory (app size nowadays is too large for it)
    • internal memory (half of it is filled by Samsung)
    • 9.7
    • Screen8.7
    • Performance6.7
    • Camera8.0
    • Connectivity8.3
    • Battery9.0
  • Resultón

    • Tacto agradable
    • Buena batería
    • Fluidez RAM
    • 8.3
    • Screen9.3
    • Performance7.3
    • Camera7.0
    • Connectivity9.7
    • Battery7.0
  • Not bad.

    • 6.7
    • Screen7.5
    • Performance6.3
    • Camera5.5
    • Connectivity8.3
    • Battery9.0
  • Old phone

    I have this phone already for 2 years, yes still working but very bad..

    • 1.7
    • Screen5.0
    • Performance1.7
    • Camera2.0
    • Connectivity1.0
    • Battery5.0
  • dog-fish

    • 1.7
    • Screen4.3
    • Performance2.3
    • Battery5.0
  • No more then camera, player and phone :)

    • nice screen
    • decent camera
    • well supported by XDA
    • very compact
    • not for heavy apps (runtastik, shazam, youtube)
    • not for multitasking
    • poor browsing experience
    • 6.8
    • Screen6.5
    • Performance4.3
    • Camera6.0
    • Connectivity8.0
    • Battery7.0
  • Very poor option

    • 3.3
    • Screen4.0
    • Performance3.5
    • Camera2.8
    • Connectivity6.0
    • Battery7.5
  • En general está siendo una buena experiencia, samsung pocas veces suele fallar.

    Es un smartphone llevable, con una duración de batería normal para el uso que le doy

    • Ergonomia
    • Potencia
    • 7.2
    • Screen8.0
    • Performance7.3
    • Camera6.8
    • Connectivity6.7
    • Battery5.0

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  • 4.5 Camera
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