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66 reviews
  • Screen8.1
  • Performance7.8
  • Camera7.8
  • Connectivity8.3
  • Battery7.6
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Design & Materials

Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone?

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Do you think it's a nice phone?

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Is it comfortable?

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Can you see it well in the sunlight?

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Performance & Hardware

Does it have good sound?

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Does it work smoothly in everyday use?

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What's your experience been with demanding games?

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Quality of daytime photos

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Quality of nighttime photos

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Quality of selfies

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Does it have a powerful flash?

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Does it have good coverage for calls?

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Quality of the GPS

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How long does the battery last?
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    Less than half day
  • 12%
    Less than a day
  • 26%
    One day
  • 45%
    More than one day
  • 11%
    Two days or more

66 reviews


Did it come with preinstalled applications?
  • 25%
    It comes with a clean operating system
  • 66%
    It has preinstalled apps but they don't bother me
  • 9%
    It has preinstalled apps that I can't uninstall

66 reviews

Do you regularly receive updates?
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  • 24%
    Once a year
  • 45%
    Every six months
  • 24%
    Every two months or less

66 reviews

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User reviews

  • Would be great if not for the annoying, persistent, I can't uninstall zello app

    I am not picky as to camera, looks ... so I would have given the Umidigi Bison great marks for being a great middle-priced phone. I like it.. lots ... except

    You con't remove the zello app and the d#@$ thing opens every time you touch a button!!!

    • Everything BUT...
    • Zello
    • 1.9
    • Screen7.0
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera7.0
    • Connectivity7.0
    • Battery7.0
  • Overall worth the price, although they have to improve a lot with the side buttons

    Just touching the phone it will turn it on, no matter what you're going to do. At night, it bothers a lot.
    When phone is in your pocket, it can turn itself on and open apps which can stuck the phone, so you have to reset it manually. ouch!
    Fingerprint sensor on the side, each time you pick the phone, you touch it!
    The worse camera I had in my life (I had Galaxy 3/5/7)
    Average-minus speaker.
    You cannot get rid of the NFC icon - just st*pid!
    Almost impossible to see the screen outdoors in a sunny day.
    Great speed and internal storage. I love android native.

    • Battery lasts more than one day
    • IP68 - Dust & Water
    • Anti-scratch
    • Android native
    • Good fingerprint sensor
    • Connectivity (wifi & bluetooth need reset all the time)
    • Location of fingerprint sensor
    • Low quality speaker
    • 6.1
    • Screen6.7
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera4.2
    • Connectivity7.0
    • Battery7.0
  • I'm enjoying the Umidigi Bison, also own model X and A7 Pro, Bison is my favorite

    Glad I purchased this phone, long delivery from AliExpress is annoying, they offer many excuses. Glad I purchased a custom fit wallet folio case for best protection. Notice case sit just below the surface of the display so dropping it face down might be an issue, otherwise cases make it easy to hold, no accidental activating side mounted buttons. Get all hardware/software updates available, think I just received the 5th--they have corrected speaker issues and enhanced the touchscreen. I think this is a lot of phone for the low price, build quality is good. Not a gamer, so no comments how efficient it is. Android Auto app works well in my vehicle for hands free talking. Remember this is a cell phone, picture quality is acceptable. Want great pics, purchase a dedicated digital camera for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    • Price during initial global release
    • Get all the updates available to fix any problems
    • Definitely buy A wallet folio case for protection
    • Excellent call reception, wifi connections in USA
    • Latest hardware update is 02/24/2021
    • Arrived with clean Android 10 OS, no bloatware
    • Very long delivery time from China to USA
    • Battery could last a little longer, drains fast
    • Occasionally have faded screen in bright sunlight
    • Wish SIM slot held 2 SIMS and 1 SD cards
    • 9.6
    • Screen7.5
    • Performance7.3
    • Camera8.5
    • Connectivity9.3
    • Battery10
  • Lot of Bang for the Buck! Best Phone!

    Had an idea this was going to be a nice phone per the specs and this Bison has exceeded my expectations as the developers out did themselves. I've had the Redmi 8T, Samsung A50, Xoami Mi A2 Lite, Samsung A10 & A20 and this Bison phone overall suits me the best out of those mentioned.
    Have no problem with the sound like some have mentioned.
    Having the extra buttons on the sides is a huge time saver when using the phone under water, screenshots and flashlight.
    The phone is quick and frequencies are all 3+ bars. Wifi works with ease.
    Bison comes with a clean Android 10 with minimal bloatware.
    The rugged Bison build is the way all phones should be built these days for active users.

    • Fast
    • Tons of Features
    • Rugged Build
    • 6GB Ram & 128GB
    • Sony 48mp Camera
    • Under Priced
    • Heavy Phone heavier compared to most
    • 9.3
    • Screen9.7
    • Performance9.6
    • Camera8.0
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery7.0
  • Disappointed, reboots often, low battery level

    I cannot use the installed tools as the internal sensors are inaccurate, arc/sparks when connecting to USB, too many buttons, while handling phone, camera protrudes at rear and cannot touch the screen without rocking the phone when laid flat on table, as a phablet, battery level drops quick, as rear speaker is a hole And magnetic, dirt is filling it up, also rust dust. It freezes while playing candy crush

    • 2.6
    • Screen5.7
    • Performance3.3
    • Camera4.7
    • Connectivity6.3
    • Battery5.0
  • Good value for your not expect a 1000euro phone

    t's my 2 one. Works great... fast, no junk in Android 10... just install the apps YOU want. Using it 12 days now... for that money the phone does everything i want good: GPS, Waze, internet,... sound can better but it is loud enough and with ears verry good? Photographs are good for me... maybe not the same quality then a GSM off more as 500eu but look at then....

    • 8.7
    • Screen9.0
    • Performance8.6
    • Camera8.0
    • Connectivity9.3
    • Battery10
  • It's not perfect, but the Bison works well for me and presents great value in terms on bang for your buck.

    I took a chance and bought the UMIDigi Bison (I had bought a Power 3 and its connectivity was so bad I couldn't use it) and I have to say my faith in UMIDigi has been restored. For the price point, this phone has a lot going for it. I know some people are saying its no so good, but I have experienced no problems.

    • Solid
    • Extremely good value
    • Good battery
    • Good connectivity
    • Good screen resolution
    • It tends to turn on alot due to all the side buttons
    • Speaker on the bottom of the phone
    • Is a bit weighty
    • 8.9
    • Screen8.7
    • Performance8.0
    • Camera9.0
    • Connectivity9.0
    • Battery9.0
  • Bulky, Bad Cameras, Bad Customer Service, Better off buying something else

    I have had this phone for about 24 hours now and I am already fed up with it. The calls keep dropping. The camera is touted to be a Sony sensor 48MP set up, however, the quality of images even in bright daylight is at best what my 8MP camera on 5 year old phone would get. The unit is big and the markings and buttons actually feel sharp on hands. The fingerprint sensor is a pain. The loudspeaker is positioned in the back, so if you have the phone on a table or bed you won't be able to listen to anything. Other little things that irk me are - Can't find how to enable showing network speed in the notification bar; something I had been able to do since the first Android phone I bought in 2012, lack of native call recorder, can't seem to assign keys for speed dial, lack of native dual app support. But the worst is lack of customer support. Umidigi has none.

    • Dedicated programmable buttons
    • Lack of bloatware, sans one app that can be uninst
    • Decent battery life
    • Fast enough charger.
    • BAD Camera
    • Sharp edges/texture of buttons
    • Poor fingerprint sensor
    • Lack of support
    • 0
    • Screen5.0
    • Performance5.0
    • Camera4.2
    • Connectivity6.0
    • Battery9.0
  • Overall the phone is good. If you don't mind the main speaker.

    II currently have this phone for a few days. The main speaker of this phone is problematic; the speaker of this phone sometimes produces sounds that are broken and went back to normal if you meddle with it by doing a quick reboot or accessing google assistant. The speaker of this phone is not that loud and refine. Despite having a terrible speaker, the phone overall is good to have if you don't mind the sound. Just wear headphones or have a Bluetooth speaker to compensate for the terrible sound.

    • Power
    • Battery
    • Design
    • Not easily scratch
    • The speaker
    • Technical issues
    • 6.8
    • Screen7.2
    • Performance6.3
    • Camera6.7
    • Connectivity6.6
    • Battery7.0
  • Auto
    The Monster Phone with glass slippers

    The most fragile Smartphone I have ever had. Its very exposed camera module and fragile glass. The parts do not seal well and it leaks everywhere.

    • Its weight, for self-defense
    • Your battery
    • USB type C
    • camera module
    • Assembly quality
    • No updates
    • 2.9
    • Screen3.2
    • Performance3.0
    • Camera3.7
    • Connectivity5.0
    • Battery5.0

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