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Overall satisfaction
  • 61
  • 28
  • 5
  • 2
  • 12
108 reviews
  • Screen7.6
  • Performance8.2
  • Camera6.7
  • Connectivity8.2
  • Battery6.8
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Design & Materials

Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone?

108 reviews

Do you think it's a nice phone?

108 reviews

Is it comfortable?

108 reviews

Can you see it well in the sunlight?

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Performance & Hardware

Does it have good sound?

108 reviews

Does it work smoothly in everyday use?

108 reviews

What's your experience been with demanding games?

108 reviews


Quality of daytime photos

108 reviews

Quality of nighttime photos

108 reviews

Quality of selfies

108 reviews

Does it have a powerful flash?

108 reviews


Does it have good coverage for calls?

108 reviews

Quality of the GPS

108 reviews

And the WiFi?

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How long does the battery last?
  • 6%
    Less than half day
  • 18%
    Less than a day
  • 47%
    One day
  • 26%
    More than one day
  • 3%
    Two days or more

108 reviews


Did it come with preinstalled applications?
  • 57%
    It comes with a clean operating system
  • 39%
    It has preinstalled apps but they don't bother me
  • 4%
    It has preinstalled apps that I can't uninstall

108 reviews

Do you regularly receive updates?
  • 8%
  • 13%
    Once a year
  • 39%
    Every six months
  • 40%
    Every two months or less

108 reviews

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User reviews

  • Poor battery and bad connection

    • 3.2
    • Screen5.7
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera3.7
    • Connectivity4.0
    • Battery0.0
  • Realy good

    Good phones

    • 96.000 antutu
    • Cheap
    • Batary
    • Not working finger ıd
    • 9.1
    • Screen8.3
    • Performance9.7
    • Camera7.8
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery0.0
  • Good but short lived.

    This is a fantastic phone for those who will never break it. I had this phone for about 4 months before it fell from only about a foot out of my hand and the screen cracked. The real problem here is the complete lack of cases available for it. If you won't drop it, then it's fine.

    • 5
    • Screen5.8
    • Performance6.5
    • Camera8.8
    • Connectivity5.0
    • Battery7.0
  • Only good in theory, but mostly doesn't work

    The phone is unusable with the stock ROM, it hangs and you have to reset it most of the time.
    My phone only started working with the Oreo ROM of MAD Team (great job there), and that only came out more than one year.
    All the specs are great, but then you realize that the OS is not working at all, and Vernee is not updating the ROM or taking care of any complaints.
    Do not buy, you will NOT be happy.

    • Good camera, when you can use it
    • Good specs, if you could use them
    • Great processor, if the OS would work correctly.
    • OS doesnt really work, and does not update.
    • 1.7
    • Screen2.8
    • Performance4.0
    • Camera6.8
    • Connectivity4.0
    • Battery5.0
  • This is phone is great for regular users

    • 8.4
    • Screen7.5
    • Performance9.0
    • Camera8.3
    • Connectivity8.3
    • Battery5.0
  • Powerful phone but overall it doesn't live up to the hype! deplorable customer service and hardware balance

    I like the look and feel of my Vernee Apollo Lite its sleek, os is vanilla and it has a lot of power but its at a big cost unfortunately. It has had a lot of problems getting to a usable state. Cell, 3G network and camera problems out of the box. After 3 OTA updates they have been resolved but replaced with chronic battery drain from an unknown internal service and the camera is still rubbish! The battery drain 'Wake Lock' sucks up 40% of the battery in a 24hr period. I have emailed Vernee numerous times, posted to their blog, posted to their FB and I have to say their customer service is deplorable. My recommendation is save your money and stay well away from vernee. A year on I've struggled on, I replaced the vernee os with mad os which brought things up to date but alas the camera is still the worst I've ever had. I would compare it to the Samsung nexus 2 camera from 2010 really I can't express how awful it is. Quick charge only works with MTK charger as well, stick with snapdragon.

    • Sharp Screen
    • Powerful Processor
    • USB type C
    • Gyro for VR apps
    • Over hyped expensive for the experience
    • Terrible Camera, Terrible Customer Service
    • Unrefined OS ( memory leaks )
    • Chronic Battery Drain, Wake Locks Galore!
    • Incredibly hot while gaming,bad choice of hardware
    • Dumping Marshmallow for Android N ( worrying! )
    • 0.1
    • Screen3.8
    • Performance6.3
    • Camera1.5
    • Connectivity5.3
    • Battery5.0
  • For this price an excellent smartphone.

    I wanted to phone for everyday communication with sufficient power and storage space. For that price, this phone has met my expectations and I am happy with it. Sometimes also I use it to navigation in nature and navigating in the car with no problems. The system is fast and stable without unnecessary preinstalled applications. The system could be updated more frequently. I am unpleasantly surprised by poor battery life and the most me lasted four days with only light use. Good is a quick battery charging. For two hours charges the battery from 50% to 100%. I also had twice as expensive phones from competing manufacturers that had not so good performance like Vernee Apollo Lite.

    • sharp screen on sunlight
    • system performance is very good for everyday use
    • daylight photos are very good
    • fingerprint sensor
    • 32 GB internal storage and 4 GB RAM
    • android without unnecessary preinstalled apps
    • battery hold max two days by standard use
    • GPS could be a little more precise
    • camera by night shoot makes somtime bad photos
    • speaker has a terrible sound
    • smartphone not recognize a 128 GB micro sd card
    • construction materials are very fragile, after falling without a cover you can say bay :) like me
    • 5.1
    • Screen6.3
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera7.8
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery7.0
  • Average

    • GPS
    • Connecting to online
    • Battery
    • 6.1
    • Screen6.0
    • Performance7.3
    • Camera4.5
    • Connectivity6.3
    • Battery5.0
  • Very great for the price but weak

    Screen can easily be broken (compared to other phones).

    • 7.9
    • Screen6.8
    • Performance7.5
    • Camera6.0
    • Connectivity7.7
    • Battery7.0
  • avoid buying apollo lite, the phone is not usable. he is involved with problems. He works everything except as a phone. Very bad!

    avoid buying apollo lite, the phone is not usable. he is involved with problems. He works everything except as a phone. Very bad! PER UTENTI ITALIANI EVITATELO!

    • 0
    • Screen0.0
    • Performance2.0
    • Camera1.3
    • Connectivity1.0
    • Battery0.0

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