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Overall satisfaction
  • 85
  • 11
  • 4
  • 0
  • 0
100 opinions
  • Screen8.5
  • Performance9.2
  • Camera8.4
  • Connectivity9.4
  • Battery8.6
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Design & Materials

Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone?

100 opinions

Do you think it's a nice phone?

100 opinions

Is it comfortable?

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Can you see it well in the sunlight?

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Performance & Hardware

Does it have good sound?

100 opinions

Does it work smoothly in everyday use?

100 opinions

What's your experience been with demanding games?

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Quality of daytime photos

100 opinions

Quality of nighttime photos

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Quality of selfies

100 opinions

Does it have a powerful flash?

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Does it have good coverage for calls?

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Quality of the GPS

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And the WiFi?

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How long does the battery last?
  • 0%
    Less than half day
  • 4%
    Less than a day
  • 23%
    One day
  • 49%
    More than one day
  • 23%
    Two days or more

100 opinions


Did it come with preinstalled applications?
  • 9%
    It comes with a clean operating system
  • 84%
    It has preinstalled apps but they don't bother me
  • 7%
    It has preinstalled apps that I can't uninstall

100 opinions

Do you regularly receive updates?
  • 1%
  • 1%
    Once a year
  • 64%
    Every six months
  • 34%
    Every two months or less

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User reviews

User Reviews

  • Xiaomi phone with cool design but the camera is disappointed

    • Cool design
    • Clean android OS without blutware
    • I think price performance is ok
    • Camera is absolutely dissatisfied
    • Phone protection is a must have
    • 7.2
    • Screen8.5
    • Performance8.6
    • Camera6.0
    • Connectivity9.0
    • Battery10
  • Average phone but good looking

    I was expecting that sd821 will be more powerful but it is not! Overheating all the time and high drain of battery not eve a day!
    The screen is very fragile and the ppi is low below average this is also disappointed
    The main camera is ok for day light pictures but at the night is bad!
    The sound from the bottom speaker is good with base and good quality of sound!
    After all is a good looking phone but only that is just pleasure for the eye but for every day use I think there are more practical phones now days... maybe for the 2016 it was really good phone but the screen is very bad of resolution and colours

    • 6.9
    • Screen4.7
    • Performance6.0
    • Camera7.0
    • Connectivity8.0
    • Battery5.0
  • A very good phone with lasting battery and all the extras, NFC, Infrared, Audio jack...

    Screen resolution is exceptional and Camera is excellent. Overall a top of the line phone.

    • NFC
    • WiFi
    • Blue Tooth
    • Amoled screen
    • 22 MP Camera
    • 3.5 audio jack
    • High SAR rating
    • 9.6
    • Screen8.8
    • Performance9.0
    • Camera9.8
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery9.0
  • very happy with this phone

    very happy with this phone
    it has amazing performance and also amazing AMOLED screen
    Its a quality product for sure

    • screen
    • battery
    • build quality
    • performance
    • daytime photos
    • selfies
    • nightime photos
    • 9.7
    • Screen7.3
    • Performance10
    • Camera8.8
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery7.0
  • Very nice price/performance device

    If you look for a cheap and good phone with good camera and battery lasting for a day this could be your next phone. Be aware of fact this model is using MIUI which is not everybody's cup of tea.

    • Price / Performance ratio
    • Price overall
    • Versatilty
    • Idotioc bumer designe which damaged glass
    • Some users will not like MIUI
    • 8
    • Screen6.5
    • Performance5.7
    • Camera7.3
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • The best until now

    It is very fast and beautiful. I'm a little worried about the glass but I have a good cover.

    EDIT: as I imagined, the glass is very fragile. The glass broke the first time it fell. ... and it continues to do it...

    • Fast
    • Battery
    • Camera
    • Glass
    • Glass
    • 8.5
    • Screen8.0
    • Performance9.0
    • Camera9.3
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • I expected it would be much better.

    • 5.1
    • Screen8.3
    • Performance9.0
    • Connectivity6.0
    • Battery5.0
  • very good phone

    this phone is awesome

    • full 4g
    • screen
    • night photo
    • 10
    • Screen10
    • Performance10
    • Camera7.8
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • Premium high performer.

    This phone looks beautiful and feels really nice in the hand.
    I've never run into any limitations, anything and everything runs very smooth.
    MIUI is nice, it ads allot of handy features to android, without feeling sluggish.
    Every little feature just works as it should, the fingerprint scanner is faster than you can blink,
    photo quality is great with tons of features, the OLED screen is very good, etc.
    Unless you prefer stock android, this is a winner.

    • Top notch specs
    • Premium look and feel
    • Not just great on paper, but in practice as well.
    • The global version connects to any type of network
    • Slippery surface when not in a case
    • Could use more frequent updates
    • 9.4
    • Screen8.5
    • Performance9.7
    • Camera9.5
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • Beautiful

    The screen is excellent, the phone is beautiful.
    Everybody wants it.
    Bought for daughter 3 weeks ago, she is very happy, 3 weeks later bought for me.
    So I have this phone for 3 months.
    Very satisfied.
    The screen is amazing, it is LG super AMOLED, very bright, for the not sunny day it is enough 30% of brightness.
    The battery last for a full day, using GPS for 6 hours, surfing the web for 2-4 hours, on late evening still 20% of charge left.
    Playing games, very smooth, no heating at all.
    Recently updates.
    Never crashed in 3 months.
    Bought on Gearbest

    • Screen
    • Power
    • Quality
    • Battery
    • GPS
    • Camera is not the best, but not bad at all.
    • 9.3
    • Screen8.8
    • Performance10
    • Camera8.8
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery10

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Ki Price/Quality
  • 7.4 Design & Materials
  • 7.0 Performance & Hardware
  • 7.0 Camera
  • 6.9 Connectivity
  • 7.5 Battery
What is a Ki score?
Ki is an automatic score based on the specifications and prices of devices. It is calculated using over 200 variables to rank smartphones, tablets and other devices from best to worst.
How do we calculate the Ki?

In this case, to determine the score we evaluate 5 general aspects:

  • Design and screen
  • Hardware and performance
  • Camera
  • Connectivity
  • Battery

Once these 5 factors have been rated, we introduce the price variable. This means that any two devices with the same ratings get a different Ki score for quality vs price.

Even a device objectively worse than another may have a higher Ki score if it has a better price.

Does the Ki score change?

The Ki varies as time goes by. As new devices with better specifications enter the market the Ki score of older devices will go down, always being compensated of their decrease in price.

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