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    Good battery, solid, waterproof. But the photo part is really zero, and the videos even worse, at a price there we find really better, we pay the very expensive Caterpillar logo, very average range smartphone.

    • Battery
    • watertight
    • Solid
    • Pictures
    • Fluidity
    • Screen
    • Getting started
    • 2.7
    • Screen5.7
    • Performance4.0
    • Camera2.2
    • Connectivity4.3
    • Battery10
  • Auto
    very low-end smartphone

    Very slow camera, photos barely usable, heavy, the only positive point the battery, I strongly recommend this camera. The list of faults would be too long

    • Battery
    • Everything else
    • 2.8
    • Screen3.2
    • Performance3.0
    • Camera2.0
    • Connectivity3.0
    • Battery9.0
  • Auto
    Very average smarphone

    Very slow smartphone, poor quality photo, the most annoying button on the edge too sensitive, lights up or goes out alone in the pocket is really the big flaw.

    • Battery
    • Gps
    • On of buttons on the edge (essential)
    • Speed
    • pics
    • 2.4
    • Screen4.0
    • Performance3.0
    • Camera2.5
    • Connectivity6.3
    • Battery7.0
  • Auto
    super smartphone nothing to say except for bluetooth connections that are very difficult.

    problem with Bluetooth, car, printer, TV, smartphone, very difficult or impossible, it's a shame because it's perfect device.I tried everything nothing done I can not connect, with my other smartphones I connect immediately.for the rest it works perfectly.

    • Bluetooth connection
    • 4.9
    • Screen8.8
    • Performance8.7
    • Camera7.8
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery10
  • Auto
    Very average, low end, solid, very ugly and bulky, to avoid!

    Imposing heavy stuff, sound of very poor quality, the buttons are too prominent the SOS key is triggered alone in the pocket really very ugly looks like a tank, for price there is much better, and especially more discreet.nombreux bugs, jeans pockets too small, I do not care I send back, to avoid !!!

    • Battery
    • Solid
    • The sound
    • Network connectivity
    • Design
    • Buttons
    • Weight
    • 3
    • Screen2.5
    • Performance2.7
    • Camera4.0
    • Connectivity2.7
    • Battery10

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