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    User Reviews

    • A Really expensive phone with some really bad drawbacks (aka Selfie cam ) for its price tag .

      The Selfie cam is horrible and does not represent its price tag. The battery is good , but for a 2020 Flagship it should have been at least 5,000 mAh if you ask me . The 108 mp Camera is good for the close field area but don't expect to zoom into the eyes of a person 10 feet away .The quality of the video and the stability is really good , but Vivo Apex is gonna host a gimball and I would love to see the comparison with Mi 10 Pro . The quality of the audio is MAJESTIC , and I can hear my calls crystal clear , which is a big plus, and the speakers are the strongest I've ever listened to , on a smartphone .It's a nice phone with a nice screen but if you ask me , the upcoming competition will not help the sales of this phone. For February 2020 it is , without doubt, the best phone of 2020 so far.

      • Screen
      • Audio Quality
      • Call Quality
      • Video Quality
      • Video Stability
      • Good Hands-On
      • Selfie Camera
      • Battery
      • Camera Software
      • Ads by Xiaomi
      • 8.5
      • Screen9.7
      • Performance6.6
      • Camera6.7
      • Connectivity10
      • Battery10

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