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      I don't know what they wanted to do with the A02

      The truth is, I bought it for AR $ 24,000 and it seems to me a purchase with widely divided opinions between the good things, I highlight its storage (Going from 16GB to 64GB seemed like a good idea), the large screen and its 5000MaH battery but all that weighs it down with its mediatek MT6739W (It is supposed to be a version with Overclock up to 1.5Ghz) unable to run games smoothly and its own interface from time to time, my LG X Power that mounts an MT6735 does much better in games although there are several variables to have In mind and already speaking of the interface and that is the point where the OneUI Core takes me a disappointment is much more cut than the A01 and made some functions such as SoundAlive or the navigation gestures that if according to several sites the A02 would receive OneUI 3.0 ( Android 11) in October

      • Large screen
      • Will update to android 11
      • 5000mAH battery Long lasting
      • Storage
      • Design
      • The SoC (MT6739)
      • OneUI Core shorter than A01
      • USB Type B (The A02s for a bit more has USB C)
      • Performance In Gral
      • 4.8
      • Screen6.2
      • Performance3.6
      • Camera6.7
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery7.0
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      Good mobile even today

      I bought it last year at a crazy price of AR $ 4000 (More or less more than 20 dollars) and today it seems to me a more than acceptable mobile, at least if you need a secondary or emergency mobile which stood out the most and still stands out. It is its battery (4100MaH) and its performance despite carrying the MT6735 with 2 / 16GB (Today it is not useful for many things) unfortunately this mobile never saw android 7 and to this day there is no Custom ROM (it has a lot of security in terms of modifying the device to put a TWRP) in games they actually yield decent (there is lag and jerks but they can be played) in conclusion I can recommend it only if you are looking for a phone for emergencies or to "get out of the way" that if the price that I mentioned above is an offer that I found out there of course that it came to me chipped but it never gave touch failures and the battery was exhausted (I had to buy a new one)

      • Your 4100mAH Battery
      • Decent screen
      • Performance in Gral
      • 2GB RAM (At the time)
      • Rugged display
      • Good sound
      • Brightness of the screen
      • You have problems in my country with 4G
      • The SoC (MT6735) this is more deferred
      • Storage (Good at the time)
      • Did not receive Major update (Android 7+)
      • Many pre-installed apps
      • 8
      • Screen7.2
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera5.7
      • Connectivity7.5
      • Battery10

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