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User Reviews

  • Auto
    A very good product, improvable.

    • Screen
    • Rear cameras
    • Easily scratchable glass
    • Medium front camera
    • 8.9
    • Screen8.0
    • Performance7.6
    • Camera8.0
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • Auto
    APN very interesting that can be over-exploited thanks to all the adjustable parameters. Very fluid phone and good capacity.

    • Camera
    • 10
    • Screen9.0
    • Performance9.3
    • Camera10
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
  • Auto
    Quite good phone for its price range at the time, has been holding for over a year with intensive use.

    Very correct camera, videos (1080p) quite good but nothing more. The battery is largely a day. The screen is solid, has some micro-scratches but has never cracked even despite the many falls. The micro-USB port is starting to wear out, but spare parts are easily available. An update to Android 6.0 is available, but it seems less optimized than Android 5.1 (more RAM used by the system). Lenovo K4 Note in India = Lenovo Vibe x3 Lite in China

    • Camera
    • 4G B20
    • Dual-Sim + SD
    • No software updates (android 6.0 max)
    • overlay
    • 9.7
    • Screen8.3
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera8.3
    • Connectivity9.0
    • Battery7.0

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