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    User Reviews

    • Great phone, good battery, camera, superb screen at a good price.

      The form factor is average, the material too. The display is Super Amoled, which is the best in the market. Good in direct sunlight, colors are really vivid. The battery lasts for more, than a day. The price is 300 euro after 5 month of the original release, which is great. You can get 100 Gb of cloud space on One Drive. Fast enough for demanding games, at medium level. Dedicated Bixby button. / Gb RAM, 128 Gb of storage, more than enough. Fingerprint scanner is fast and nearly error free. GPS is good.
      Camera is average, despite of the 4 lens. Sound good, Dolby Atmos. So it's a good allrounder at an affordable price, good midrange phone.

      • Display
      • Battery
      • System speed
      • Everything else is average (but not worse).
      • 8.6
      • Screen8.3
      • Performance9.0
      • Camera8.5
      • Connectivity7.7
      • Battery9.0
    • Premium phone with good battery, but the display is only mediocre.

      • Housing (premium feel)
      • Battery life
      • Speed
      • Camera
      • Not so good lcd (weak in sunlight)
      • Not so bright colors
      • 7.2
      • Screen7.3
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera6.3
      • Connectivity8.7
      • Battery7.0
    • A good allrounder.

      Fairly cheap, fast, camera is o.k. 4G is good. Display is o.k. A bit uncomfortable, but good for browsing. Could be brighter in direct sunlight. Dedicated SD slot, dual-sim, 5 GH wifi, removable battery. SOT time is about 3-4 hours.
      GPS is very good.

      • Good performance
      • Good wifi, GSM
      • Very good GPS
      • Mediocre camera
      • Average display
      • Medium battery
      • 8.7
      • Screen7.0
      • Performance8.7
      • Camera6.5
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery7.0
    • Cheap, but not fast phone.

      Overall quality is good-very good.
      Material, GPS, GSM, WIFI, mic, earpiece, speakers etc., but the SOC is a shame.

      • Good overall quality
      • Crystal clear sound quality (speaking-hearing)
      • Surprisingly good main camera
      • Satisfying battery life
      • Good for tuning, many custom roms, kernels, CM
      • VERY good GPS
      • Very limited multitasking
      • 6.4
      • Screen7.8
      • Performance3.3
      • Camera5.3
      • Connectivity9.0
      • Battery7.0
    • Tipycal cheap-but-not-really good chinese phone.

      GPS doesn"t work on my phone. Random rebooting. Weak battery. Medium system speed. Had to change the battery in 6 months.

      • Not too big
      • Good for simple everyday use, not many multitaskin
      • Cheap
      • Independant SD slot
      • Dual-sim, camera is surprisingly good (daytime)
      • Comes with stock droid, good for tuning
      • GPS doesn't work on my phone
      • Not really bright in direct sunlight
      • Random rebooting
      • Medium system speed
      • VERY weak battery SOT 2-3 hours
      • 5.9
      • Screen6.5
      • Performance6.3
      • Camera6.3
      • Connectivity4.0
      • Battery5.0

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