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    User Reviews

    • Good rugged phone but much more needs to improve.

      I had this smartphone for more than 2 years.
      I couldn't add here on KiNegatives but the bluetooth on the phone is not working most of the time..

      • The phone is rugged
      • It's not too expensive
      • It's fast
      • It has a lot of memory
      • It has great speaker (very lound and quality sound
      • Side buttons get pressed while the phone is in pocket so the phone gets switched off by accident
      • Needs a special charger with a thin jack
      • Battery gets week over the time (last only 1 day)
      • Doesn't have a regular 3.5mm jack
      • Same jack for charging and audio
      • The lock/turn on button is not so responsive now
      • 8.3
      • Screen7.7
      • Performance10
      • Camera6.2
      • Connectivity8.0
      • Battery7.0

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