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    User Reviews

    • Auto
      He lacked automation

      In general, it can be said that it is a good cell phone, especially because of the camera section, but it stopped receiving updates and manages the ram well, so it sticks or stops working. With mine I had a problem with all Google apps, it was total chaos.

      • 5.1
      • Screen8.0
      • Performance5.7
      • Camera9.8
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery0.0
    • Auto
      After 5 years it still works

      I have it for more than 5 years and it still works, clearly you can not ask for very demanding things for its range but it is incredible that everything still works

      • 8.4
      • Screen8.5
      • Performance6.7
      • Camera6.5
      • Connectivity9.3
      • Battery7.0
    • Auto
      A real beast !!!

      This cell phone is a total beast, it is quite fluid, everything works perfectly, the gestures and the fingerprint sensor work wonders, the plastic protector that comes with the cell phone is of very good quality and greatly improves the grip of the equipment, without This protector grip is not good. The photos he takes are very good although I feel that selfies makes them a little bit and at night it is understandable that they lack a bit, a tip, if they want to take a picture at night but it comes out with a lot of noise, better record video and then take screenshot, you will notice the difference;). The sound is very good and very powerful. It has a very good screen where the colors look too good. The games run them beautifully. Everything I loved about this cell phone, but I want to emphasize the BATTERY, the battery is a monster, Making a moderate use gives between 8 and 10 hours of screen !!! This cell phone is economical and is everything I was looking for

      • ALL
      • I could improve the night photos a little
      • 10
      • Screen9.8
      • Performance10
      • Camera9.3
      • Connectivity10
      • Battery9.0

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