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    User Reviews

    • Excellent notchless smartphone

      Kudos to Meizu for staying loyal to notchless design. Upgrading from Meizu x8 which I bought 8 months ago. They have similar 710 processor but somehow 16x just feels faster and more responsive in every aspect.

      The main reason for upgrading is the constant failure of Meizu x8 to lock satellite for navigation and other purposes.

      Surprisingly the battery on 16x last longer than x8 even though the capacity is slightly lower 3100 vs 3200 mAh. And charge faster too.

      The overall camera image quality is not significantly better than x8 but x2 and x3 zoom definitely looks better, more details than x8. Even macro shot is better because focusing distance is closer on 16x. Video stabilization now available with OIS.

      • Back camera
      • Battery life
      • Video stabilization
      • Fast charging
      • 3.5mm Audio
      • Notchless Amoled screen
      • Selfie camera
      • No stereo speaker
      • Gesture navigation
      • 8.1
      • Screen6.7
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera8.5
      • Connectivity9.0
      • Battery7.0
    • Excellent midrange phone, cheapest SD660.

      Feels extremely smooth to use. Almost no lag at all. Bright, punchy coloured screen. Extremely fast finger print sensor and facial recognition unlock.
      Excellent good camera in good light, good camera in low light. Selfie camera above average but with strong beautification.
      LTE, wifi and Bluetooth connections are excellent.
      Good enough battery life for whole day. With relatively fast charging.
      Very loud sound from loud speaker and 3.5mm earphone jack port.

      • Camera
      • Battery, fast charging
      • Overall smoothness, no lag
      • Fast finger print sensor
      • Micro usb port
      • Strong beauty mode camera
      • 9.5
      • Screen9.2
      • Performance9.3
      • Camera9.0
      • Connectivity9.3
      • Battery7.0
    • Relatively small but powerful midranger

      Bought this to replace my Cubot x18 plus which has 4000mah. Surprisingly the 3200mAh perform almost similar to the bigger battery but very old chipset in x18 plus. Shorter, slimmer, lighter easier to hold. Notch not really bothering me. Excellent camera in good light, good enough selfie, acceptable low light performance. Loud speaker is loud enough, excellent sound through earphone and Bluetooth headset. 4g connection is good, but not excellent, wifi connection is excellent so far.
      Charging less than 2 hours. Really like the m-back button for navigation.

      Don't like; screen dimming excessively in low light, difficult to see under bright sun light under auto screen.
      No 4g/3g sign on main screen, has to drag down the notification bar all the way down to see whether I am in 4g/3g mode.

      • Battery
      • Camera
      • Sounds
      • Screen quality
      • Good connections
      • Fast charging
      • Screen dimming
      • No 4g/3g signal on top bar
      • 9.3
      • Screen8.2
      • Performance9.0
      • Camera9.2
      • Connectivity7.3
      • Battery7.0
    • Excellent rugged phone with big memory

      Going for the built in 128gb memory. Out of the box still have 110gb of built in storage. Not testing waterproof function. Using it as a normal phone. Has surprisingly loud external speaker. 3.5mm jack is a good inclusion for device that has usb-c port. Battery slightly better than my Cubot x18 plus.

      The only real bad side is the front facing camera and overly simplified camera apps. Other shortcoming are quite acceptable.

      • Good battery life
      • Good main camera
      • Fairly light for rugged phone
      • Attractive design, suitable for daily use
      • Fully functioning OTG function
      • Usb-c + 3.5mm jack
      • Front camera
      • Overly simplified camera apps
      • Screen not that vibrant
      • Only register 3 finger on multitouch test
      • No notification light
      • 8.3
      • Screen8.0
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera6.8
      • Connectivity7.7
      • Battery7.0
    • Excellent near bezel-less phone

      I bought this Cubot x18 plus as a replacement for my old Lenovo K6 note. It cost 130USD during Gearbest flash sale, almost half the price of K6 note when I bought it 1 years ago.
      The improvements I get ;
      Sound from earphone and Bluetooth speaker is definitely louder on X18 plus
      Slightly faster processor than K6 note Snapdragon 430 processor
      Bigger, taller screen
      Slightly better battery life

      Downgrade ;
      Both front and back camera, K6 note slightly better
      even with higher resolution on x18 plus
      Loud speaker slower and have distorted sound on high volume

      • Very good looking, I have blue version
      • Still have 3.5mm audio jack
      • Excellent screen
      • Fairly fast and accurate finger print scanner
      • Light weight for 6 inch phone
      • Excellent battery life
      • No fast charging, still take more than 3 hours to charge
      • Loud speaker volume /quality
      • Camera
      • Microusb
      • No OTG
      • 8.2
      • Screen8.3
      • Performance8.7
      • Camera6.5
      • Connectivity10
      • Battery9.0
    • Good for the intended use.

      Specifically bought this Ulefone mix as a back up phone. Mostly use it for Spotify, YouTube, Web browsing, FB. The most surprising feature is actually the screen. Extremely bright screen, with good contrast and colours. HD resolution is all I need. Even FHD screen felt over kill on 5.5 inch screen. 54gb usable built in memory is a bonus.
      Never, ever buy this for its camera.
      The positve ; one of the most good looking phone that I ever have.
      Button on left side, perfect for left hander like me. Maybe the designer is a left hander to

      • Loud volume on earphone and Bluetooth headset
      • Excellent HD screen.
      • Fast front finger print sensor
      • Acceptable battery life for 3300mAh
      • Excellent Bluetooth range, stability
      • Light weight for 5.5" Screen
      • Speaker volume just adequate
      • Worst camera ever especially front
      • Fake bokeh and 2nd back camera.
      • 8.1
      • Screen8.3
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera4.5
      • Connectivity9.7
      • Battery7.0
    • Excellent midrange smartphone.

      Already use this K6 note for almost 1 year. No sign of slowdown or hardware problem yet. Might last another year. Looking forward to K8 note as replacement , hopefully end of 2018.
      Generally has quite boring, unremarkable design but as daily phone it never let me down.

      • Battery life
      • Camera
      • Good sound on earphone and speaker
      • Generally snappy interface
      • Pocket dialing prevention worked well
      • Capacitive buttons have no backlight
      • Not loud enough to earphone and Bluetooth
      • No fast charging
      • Fingerprint sensor not working well
      • GPS not locking sometimes
      • 8.6
      • Screen9.0
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera8.0
      • Connectivity9.3
      • Battery7.0

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