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    bright with some buts

    once you open the box made less of the headphones and the European plug.notes the quality of the mobile and the good taste in the back of the same one, once in go goes very fluid touches to adapt to the button to handle everything to the style iphone. the buttons give quality sensation when pressing them, the screen without frames is very good, as for the hard battery without problems the whole day and something more. the camera quite good and surprising the quality of night photos, the pulse meter or uv rays works perfectly. As for the buts I highlight the menus in English / Spanish and made missing some more options (google keyboard) and some options of the camera that are in settings and not in the menu itself. a very good processor and build quality with a different perfect rom

    • processor
    • camera
    • screen
    • internal memory
    • design
    • recognition of the footprint.
    • screen size (5.5 would be ideal)
    • menus
    • android version
    • 9.1
    • Screen7.8
    • Performance8.7
    • Camera8.8
    • Connectivity9.0
    • Battery9.0
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    to muddle meets

    • 3.2
    • Screen4.5
    • Performance3.0
    • Camera3.0
    • Connectivity3.3
    • Battery7.0
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    fulfills very well

    quality of finished works very fluid, comfortable and clean factory manejable.viene regarding app and customization needs an adaptation in the menu structure, configuration etc with a couple of uses learn fast, a bit tedious at the location of the things that you use every day more and customization of mobile. no I like or I like that you must allow each application to function as if whatsapp, or you have to install the services google.hecho missing the little affection when presenting the product as it comes in a box with him mobile and cables, or wearing headphones and obviously not cover that it is difficult to find (most are made for phones with fingerprint detector and camera in the middle of the back) is also true that the price is modesto.destacaria its good autonomy , rear camera, I handle given the size and the app peso.tambien little xiaomi for doubts and downloading content.

    • quality mobile assembly
    • processor
    • rear camera
    • sound
    • without google services installed
    • menus and settings require adaptation process
    • box contents
    • 8.7
    • Screen8.8
    • Performance8.5
    • Camera8.8
    • Connectivity9.0
    • Battery9.0
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    elephone more autonomy for favor¡

    first tell me that this mobile hard days, because of its large retail robo.destacaria packaging, book-type protective cover has the function when you close the lid appears a huge analog clock. include tempered glass protector left over from ram and processor speed, screen resolution of buenisima is very nice, you perceive high quality of materials and the extremely fast track ensamblaje.reconocimiento a little uncomfortable in the location in my opinion, the detail of the lighting the power button and change the color is atractivo.lo worst of all is undoubtedly its autonomy a battery of 3450 milliampere very short stays, to get that lasted one day you had to activate the energy saving mode permanently. and only used it for whatsapp and calls, internal memory depues a fair bit seems a little big because it costs that fits the hand is true that there are 5.5 inch screen marco.peca a little more coverage

    • construcion materials
    • appreciable quality from the box that comes
    • camera
    • customizable display and button
    • ram and octa core processor speed
    • Fast fingerprint sensor
    • autonomy
    • frontal camera
    • 7.8
    • Screen8.3
    • Performance9.0
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery5.0
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    large mobile

    with more than 1 year and a half, will list the features of the best to the worst of this phone, I start to highlight its great range of more than 1 day and I use it quite alternating: wifi / data using Bluetooth for handsfree and the browser, I clarify that I do not use to listen to music and play regularly, rather videos, photos, whatsapp, call and visit a social network ocasionalmente.bastante shock resistant ... I made my fallen a few times against the ground (I own only the silicone). Internal storage is very broad never appeared to me the message of insufficient space and have installed very many app.pese that has 2gb of ram moves with ease and fluency in all this time just tell you a couple of automatic resets on menus and 5.The adjustment menus are quite clear, easy and sencillos.pantalla with good resolution, camera include pictures at night, beautifully designed thanks to the aluminum housing .the voice quality on calls is standard

    • autonomy
    • front and rear cameras
    • comfortable
    • intiutivo
    • internal memory
    • EMUI and customization
    • 1gb of ram more
    • EMUI updates
    • Gallery album
    • problems with some app
    • product packaging (in a small box)
    • 9.2
    • Screen9.3
    • Performance9.0
    • Camera9.3
    • Connectivity9.3
    • Battery10

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