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      User Reviews

      • The smartphone is good enough for everyday use

        I really like the smartphone as I have used it for a while. The hardware is not too bad but sadly it has fake duel camera and the front camera is not good as it died in a year and it is not clear when taking images using the front camera. The speaker is ok but overtime, one of the duel speaker died. The phone is not scratch resistant but it is drop resistant. It is a good enough smartphone for everyday use. Overall, it is a good phone for someone who just needs the basic specs in a smartphone.

        • Loud Sound
        • Drop Resistant
        • Huge Battery
        • Good Images Can Be Taken Using The Back Camera
        • Fake Duel Camera
        • Not Scratch Resistant
        • Front Camera Died Over Time
        • Duel Speaker Not Working Over Time
        • 5
        • Screen7.2
        • Performance5.6
        • Camera6.2
        • Connectivity6.6
        • Battery5.0
      • I highly do not recommend buying this phone as it is not worth it for its prices.

        I have used the phone in less than a month and it then suddenly died on me. I highly do not recommend buying the phone or any phones from this brand of the company. It is not worth the price. The phone may look good from the advertisements but in reality it is average. The phone has a lot of issues like face id sometimes or most of the time is not working and finger print scanner can not recognize your fingerprint and so on... This brand of the company is also not cooperative in dealing with the issues for the phone, they only care for marketing, not costumer services. So overall, this phone is not worth it for the price, better check out different brands of the company instead when deciding on a phone than this brand of the company as it is better to buy a phone without issues for higher price than buying a phone with a lot of issues for less price.

        • 0.6
        • Screen1.2
        • Performance2.6
        • Camera2.0
        • Connectivity3.0
        • Battery7.0

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