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            User Reviews

            • Auto

              I have the phone since April 2017 and the experience with it has not been positive. The quality of the GPS leaves a lot to be desired, it is not very reliable and it also gets very hot and after half an hour of use it is necessary to disconnect it because it heats the phone and a temperature warning appears. The battery is not one of its strong points, at first it could last a day but little by little it was degraded and now, with a scarce use, it hardly lasts 9 hours; if it is used a little, it does not last 5 hours. Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection is lost The photos have a normal quality. 15 days ago the touch screen began to fail, there is an area in the center of the screen that does not respond to any pulsation or gesture, so it is difficult to work with it. The sound of the speaker is not good, and it is located at the bottom, it is difficult to speak and hear well at the same time. Unfortunately, the 1-year warranty period has passed.

              • GPS
              • Battery
              • Sound
              • Temperature
              • Wifi
              • 1.3
              • Screen4.8
              • Performance4.3
              • Camera5.5
              • Connectivity5.7
              • Battery0.0

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