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          Finally Motorola did it

          I had already lost faith in this brand but I took out a decent mobile and obviously bought it

          • 90 hz
          • Battery
          • performance
          • 5g
          • Price
          • Wide angle selfie
          • Sound (not stereo)
          • It lacks a little shine
          • Construction materials
          • Fast charge
          • Infrared
          • 9.6
          • Screen7.2
          • Performance8.6
          • Camera8.5
          • Connectivity9.3
          • Battery9.0
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          Good team

          I have been with it for 6 months and it seems to me a good phone but if it has its details such as connectivity from one moment to another it disconnects and I have to wait about 15 minutes for it to return even if I restart the cell phone The camera complies but if it is necessary have the gcam The battery is strange behavior, sometimes it lasts a long time and sometimes it does not The screen lacks a little brightness and in the Sun it heats up very quickly Sound complies does not stand out Many times the system stays stuck and it is time to turn off the screen but what I recommend and it's still worth it

          • Price
          • Camera versatility
          • Infrared
          • Design
          • Comfort
          • On balanced phone
          • Wi-fi connectivity
          • Warming up sometimes
          • System bugs
          • Easy to scratch back
          • Stock camera
          • 10w charger
          • 9.1
          • Screen8.2
          • Performance7.0
          • Camera7.7
          • Connectivity8.3
          • Battery7.0
        • Auto

          They loaned it to me for a few days and what a pain in the eggs to have it. It's bad in everything.

          • Design (nothing remarkable)
          • Processor (rude)
          • Price (a scam)
          • camera
          • screen
          • Brightness
          • Battery (thanks to the processor)
          • 0
          • Screen5.2
          • Performance1.3
          • Camera4.2
          • Connectivity6.3
          • Battery7.0

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