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      User Reviews

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        I recommend it. I have been very surprised and happy

        It had one with four cores and two with ram. I decided on the price, less than € 100. I make occasional use, calls, whatsapp and occasionally photos. I was very pleasantly surprised, the move to eight cores and 3 of ram, it is very fluid and fast; the jump I have noticed and a lot; I have tried simple games of cars, platforms and construction, videos and read the press. Problems the gps, the quality of the screen and the design is very simple and square. He died a month ago, he fell into a bucket, he could not stand the water. Now I have a Moto G5S, it shows a change for the better, not a jump as spectacular as I expected, only an improvement in specific aspects that do not compensate for the triple cost. I recommend ?, Yes, Without hesitation. If you have one of four cores and / or an occasional use. Or if you want to have a second mobile, just in case ... I personally usually carry it in the pocket of the pants, it is comfortable in the hand; but if you like large screens, it's not this one.

        • Price. Unbeatable price quality ratio
        • Fluid and agile in applications
        • Altogether everything works correctly
        • Size, you carry it in your pocket without problems
        • Battery, days and days without worrying
        • GPS, Lose the connection right away.
        • Camera, loose
        • No water resistance
        • Design, ugly and simpleton. A square with nothing else
        • 9.4
        • Screen6.5
        • Performance8.7
        • Camera5.3
        • Connectivity6.3
        • Battery10
      • Auto
        Medium range phone, acceptable, in a normal daily use.

        Wide size, it is not comfortable in the hand. Flat design, highlights the camera; It is uncomfortable. I had to put a cover. You do not have a flat back completely. You do not enjoy having it in your hand. After two months the phone went off alone, sporadic failure. They reinstalled the operating system. It comes with installed apps that can not be removed. And they do not contribute anything to me. It works correctly and fluidly. Games, applications and acceptable connection. Normal camera, both rear and front, nothing special. Mobile mid-range ... low, for day to day without problems. But it does not differ in anything from the others or give me anything special. I have had a Moto G1 and Moto G3 and I have been very happy with them and with good memories; of this G5 Plus I expected it with expectation expected a leap of quality, design, reliable and distinguished from the Chinese phones of this range ... I expected more from Lenovo Moto .. I have no feeling of reliability and durability as with the previous

        • Fluid with applications.
        • Correct operation for day to day
        • Acceptable in general
        • Design. It is not comfortable in the hand
        • Lenovo Moto, does not distinguish itself from its competitors.
        • I have no feeling of reliability and durability
        • 8.8
        • Screen7.3
        • Performance8.3
        • Camera6.3
        • Connectivity8.3
        • Battery10

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