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    User Reviews

    • Auto
      Short battery

      A great mobile with a quality more than acceptable in everything except the battery that without being bad does not let a day in intensive use. The action cam could have had a little more wide angle but the stabilization is very good. Bought for € 239 it still seems expensive but I could not wait and the other similar options did not convince me.

      • Camera
      • Connectivity
      • Design
      • Drums
      • Price
      • 9.1
      • Screen8.7
      • Performance8.6
      • Camera7.7
      • Connectivity8.6
      • Battery7.0
    • Auto
      Almost perfect

      Except for the camera and the screen resolution is a mobile that 85% of users would be left over.

      • Drums
      • RAM and internal memory
      • Motorcycle gestures
      • Price
      • Dual sim
      • Camera
      • Hd screen
      • 8.5
      • Screen7.5
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera7.0
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery10
    • Auto
      Positively surprised

      Given that I only have a few days with him I can say that I am surprised that a mobile that offers so much costs so little, true that it does not have the best screen or the most powerful processor but you can watch a movie without problems even mkv type files. The processor goes well for 98% of the users, and I play the powerful games in the play or the pc, the camera without being excellent complies with a surplus quality with a remarkable thing that was my biggest concern even the night shots, the Battery is impressive and brings a few applications of LG quite useful and I do not find in other brands more expensive, to say something with 3 gb of ram and fingerprint would have nailed it although the price would be around 300 €, 185 € that cost I do not find any really important glue, just wait to see how you feel the passage of time I hope to have several years mobile despite the ram and internal memory I see scant with 16 gb

      • Battery
      • Camera
      • Coverage
      • Value for money
      • Lg's App
      • Frontal camera
      • RAM
      • Internal Memory
      • Without fingerprint reader
      • 8.9
      • Screen7.5
      • Performance7.3
      • Camera8.0
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery10
    • Auto
      Incredibly good

      Bought two and a half years ago still working as the first day, has suffered fairly traumatic falls and has not suffered any damage, but none of us will even dive for almost 20 seconds in a pool at a depth of almost one and a half meters and nothing happened to him Except that the headphone connector began to fail in the following months, I suppose I should have dried that part better, the battery is no longer what it was after two and a half years of giving it but it's normal, it cost me 200 € In a phone house offer and I'm looking for a worthy successor but I do not find it and I'm not willing to pay more than 250 so while this wonder continues to hold the pull here is going to remain the only thing that would have been improveable would be that instead of 16 GB of memory would have been 32 then if I did not change it until it exploded.

      • Camera
      • screen
      • Fluency
      • 0 hangs
      • Solidity
      • Sound
      • Somewhat scarce memory
      • Fingerprint reader
      • 9.1
      • Screen8.0
      • Performance8.7
      • Camera8.5
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery9.0

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