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      User Reviews

      • in 2020 still a good phone

        First thing first, the only selling point of this phone is the Charging Speed thanks to 50W charger that charges the phone from flat to 100% in just 37 minutes. The rest of the phone is average for a 2020 phone. Total of 6 hours and 30 minutes of SOT battery life. One day of heavy usage and a day and a half in light use. Using Gcam the selfies are outstanding just like my old pixel 3. However, the rear camera is average and the night mode isn't legit even with GCAM, but still good. The Speaker is average and same for all other aspects of this phone. The only two cons of this phone are the microphone, which is not up to par, albeit usable, and the update are a bit late but still not a problem. If your phone's battery is dying, plug it, get a cup of coffe, and Tadaa! phone fully charged. Amazing. I'm satisfied.

        • Ludicrously fast charging in just 37 minutes!
        • good cameras better with Gcam
        • Average sound,screen,battery life, performance
        • kinda snappy
        • late updates
        • Low microphone
        • 8.1
        • Screen8.0
        • Performance7.6
        • Camera8.0
        • Connectivity9.0
        • Battery7.0
      • Aside from the camera it's useless

        The camera is one of the best. However, the phone is a piece of crap in all the other departments. First, the battery last half a day somethime less, you need to charger it at least twice if you are a heavy user. In normal use, you still need to charge it at afternoon. most importantly, it takes ages to fully charge from flat to 100%, more than 2 hours. Also, the sim tray is peculiarly misplaced on the bottom and always confuse it with the microphone as they have similar holes, almost ruined the microphone on numerous occasions. Moreover, the phone doesn't allow third-party headphones, as a result, I couldn't use my type-c earphones because it requires the original earphones that comes with the phone, and pple reported having continous issues with them too. Furthermore, the pixel 3 is limited futures-wise, it doesn't allow double tap to lock the screen, three-fingers swipe to take a screenshot and more, it's poor in this regard. In short, it has been my worst purchase ever, stay away.

        • Camera
        • size
        • Battery
        • Speakers
        • Conectivity, poor wifi and call reception
        • features
        • single sim and sim tray position
        • Slipery and fragile
        • 0
        • Screen3.5
        • Performance6.6
        • Camera9.5
        • Connectivity3.6
        • Battery0.0
      • Great sound,great battery life and that's it. Not recommended in 2019

        Not practical for daily use. First, it's heavy which makes quite difficult to hold and use. Second, no update, you'll be stucj in Nougat. Third, Really bad cameras. sluggich in 2019.... Not recomended.

        • Ridiculous Battery Life
        • Loud speaker( best I've heard)
        • Fast Charging(2 hours to fill 5100mah)
        • Bad pictures both in day and night time
        • Heavy, uncomfortable to hold and use.
        • can't take a tempred glass( defected corners )
        • Stuck at Nougat, no update. Never
        • Huge bezels( ginormous notch and chin)
        • outdated design
        • 4.7
        • Screen4.2
        • Performance6.3
        • Camera4.0
        • Connectivity9.0
        • Battery10
      • best phone I've ever had

        If this phone had a fast charge and tiny bezels, I would never buy another phone. The design is boring and slippery, and it takes 4 hours to fully charge from flat to 100%. Otherwise, it's great.

        • superb battery life even better than lenovo p2
        • Screen, super Amoled, Full HD, Gorilla Glass 3
        • Loud speaker
        • Mediocre performance
        • solid cameras
        • software is fluid with some customizations
        • Design
        • big bezels, long chin
        • Slow charging speed
        • Less premium
        • 9.3
        • Screen7.7
        • Performance8.6
        • Camera9.2
        • Connectivity9.6
        • Battery10

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