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User Reviews

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    This is my perfect mobile for my day to day

    It has everything I need to have in my day to day and it is fluid this has been the best option that I could afford. The only thing that the fingerprint sensor sometimes fails me when unlocking the phone and overheats it up when you play demanding games and fast loading is medium-fast loading. Otherwise everything perfect

    • screen
    • Battery
    • Design and construction
    • Cameras
    • Fluency and One Ui operating system
    • Powerful and good speaker
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • The fast charge is medium-fast charge
    • Overheating above in demanding games
    • 9.1
    • Screen10
    • Performance10
    • Camera8.5
    • Connectivity8.6
    • Battery9.0
  • Auto
    A good mobile to navigate and take pictures

    This mobile is fine if you are going to use it to take photos and then navigate the battery if you demand a lot it ends immediately if you use it normally lasts you almost all day and if you almost do not use it it lasts all day then with games demanding is exhausted in 1h from 100% to 0% and immediately overheats if you demand something then the dissent of the mobile over time the sides are taking off the paint and the LED of notifications illuminates a lot and when the mobile detects darkness The brightness of the LED is reduced and the storage falls short for me in this year 2019 this mobile has the navigation bar at the bottom and is off the screen. For me this mobile is fine to take pictures and to navigate that I like to take pictures and navigate with this mobile then the battery falls short for my taste so I carry a portable charger just in case.

    • Camera
    • GPS
    • Flash
    • Cardiac sensor
    • Rear and front design
    • screen
    • Drums
    • Storage
    • Sound
    • Side design
    • Night photos
    • performance
    • 6
    • Screen5.0
    • Performance3.3
    • Camera6.5
    • Connectivity8.0
    • Battery5.0
  • Auto
    This only bad thing was the GPS games demanding and the GPS quality was bad.

    • Sound
    • Camera
    • Power and volume buttons
    • Selfie camera
    • Flash
    • NFC
    • GPS
    • screen
    • Processor
    • RAM
    • Drums
    • Add automatic brightness
    • 4.2
    • Screen4.3
    • Performance3.0
    • Camera4.7
    • Connectivity3.6
    • Battery0.0

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