Antifraud Policy

Kimovil visitors expect the opinions and any kind of information found on the site is accurate and unbiased. Are the users themselves who provide this information for the sole purpose of sharing their personal experience with the community Kimovil.

We pledge to review the integrity of the content we collect, provided it is susceptible of any intent to deceive, influence or impersonation of users, be considered a fraudulent opinion and be subject to sanctions.

Attempts by manufacturer, agent or distributor of a brand store to raise the reputation of a smartphone through the following:

 - The drafting of an opinion on smartphones that manufacturer or dealer or having an economic interest.  - Ask friends or family the publication of positive opinions.  - Offering benefits (discounts, gifts or any other benefit) in exchange of opinions.  - The use of a company or third parties responsible for sending views on their smartphones or competition.  - Impersonation by a manufacturer, distributor or competition or a user.  - Sending opinions on behalf of real or fictitious users.  - The copy of comments posted on other sites and its subsequent publication in Kimovil as user reviews.  - Threats or coercing users to eliminate an opinion Kimovil.  - The negative opinions about smartphones competition, in order to damage it. Manufacturers and their agents will not write opinions about their competition.

Kimovil - March 8, 2016 22:04

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