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    • The battery.

      I own this device for more than a year, and the first months work properly, battery was ok, nothing to report. An update comes every month since I bought it. But now the battery doesn't last even the entire day, it leaves me at the mid of the day if I use it for 3/4 hours of screen time. For 180 euros (the price when I got it) it's a bad purchase. I think that the fast-charge option (that can't be disabled) has a bad impact on the battery; everyday it charges the smartphone in 1 hour and 30 minutes but I think it ruined the battery (which is 3080 mAh for the ones who doesn't know).

      So overall, isn't a bad device for very light gaming, social networking, browsing and emailing.

      Il buono
      • Clean OS (Android 9.0 - april 2019 patch)
      • Good Performance on social networks
      • Nice display - Gorilla Glass 3 (1920x1080)
      • SIM cart is moving a bit
      • Poor battery life
      • Fast-Charge can't be toggled off
      • The microphone while calling is bad
      • VoLTE isn't available for all the countries
      • 7.7
      • Schermo8.5
      • Resa8.0
      • Fotocamera8.7
      • Connettività8.0
      • Batteria5.0
    • Auto

      Bel design, buona durata della batteria. Per uso quotidiano. Non ho provato su giochi impegnativi, ma con Antutu Benchmark ho circa 63000 e non 73000.

      Il buono
      • Sistema operativo Nice (Android 8.0 Oreo)
      • Buona prestazione sui social network
      • Bel display Gorilla Glass 3 (1920x1080)
      • Il carrello della SIM si sta muovendo un po '
      • 9
      • Schermo7.7
      • Resa9.5
      • Fotocamera9.0
      • Connettività9.0
      • Batteria9.0
    • Auto

      Il buono
      • Design
      • Schermo
      • Batteria
      • Energia
      • telecamera
      • 7.7
      • Schermo7.3
      • Resa3.7
      • Fotocamera5.5
      • Connettività6.0
      • Batteria0.0

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