About us

Kimovil Smartphone Comparison, S.L. (for now Kimovil) is founded on december 2014 by four mobile terminals fanatics, Kimovil is an independent web with useful, accurate and unbiased information. Created with the mission to help you find the perfect mobile at a price that you consider reasonable from thousands of web pages.

1. What we do

The work of diving hundreds of Chinese Webs in which information is often incomplete, inaccurate or simply does not exist, it is a titanic task for a user not advanced and this adds the distrust of users on many Web's.

In Kimovil, we trace major Chinese and European mobile sales pages one by one, checking their pages to give you the best quality option price of options available each day for hundreds of smartphones. The pages we track are experienced and shops all with thousands of phones sold. This does not ensure that you will not have problems with your phone or have a bad buying experience (nothing is 100% reliable), but at least avoid scams, and you know that have a real shop behind your purchase.

2. How "Ki" works

We use our own mobile value, the "Ki". This "Ki" tries to reflect the value we place on each mobile and is calculated daily based on certain values:

2.1. Performance

We use Antutu Benchmark, it measures the power of CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. Despite the value of Antutu varies within the same terminal (depending on the version of operating system you have, programs loaded into memory ...) is a leader serving comparative data for all of them, we add ram amount and the internal storage for create this performance & hardware rating.

2.2. Design & materials

Often say that for tastes are the colors, and talking mobile same thing happens, each user has their favorite design. Also the material and strength of the terminal gives a good impression in contact with mobile.

Despite this, we have created the desing & materials rating, that count the number of colors available in the terminal, the materials it is made, the thickness of the phone, the screen protection, protective materials and certified water and dust , its weight, the screen and the useful surface (the fronted space taken by the screen) and the side bezels.

2.3. Camera

Smatphone has eaten the market for compact cameras and can not carry an Reflex around all day, one of the most valued aspects of a smartphone is its camera. Therefore, camera rating use the values from resolution front and rear camera, sensor and aperture, for a reference of the most complete phones with cameras.

2.4 Connect

Does this mobile use glonass, 4G, 3G 900Mhz band, 802.11ac? If you care about your wireless connectivity, will be interesting the Kiconnect, value networks, GPS, wifi bands, NFC and so on of each terminal to give a connectivity rating that serve as your best choice helps technology.

2.5. Battery

The battery life of a terminal depends on many factors, including some unique to each person as more or less data usage, what type of data used, whether or not play, type of games, etc. This makes running time a very difficult to calculate, and although manufacturers estimate a duration in hours standby and talking, hardly are ever closer to reality. In Kimovil, we calculate the battery rating based on the battery milliamp hour, adding to the shaker the microprocessor, its speed, screen and its resolution. With this we calculate a value that is a reference for all mobiles, sure it´s not going to be exactly your battery life time, but it´s same amount reference for all mobiles.

2.6. Price

And do not forget the boss, no we are no talking about Bruce, of course price is a determining factor when purchasing a mobile factor, we may want the phone more powerful, large, light, durable and the best camera, but will never be cheaper. So the price for calculating the "Ki" for giving a quality value for money we use in Kimovil for proprietary ranking mobile that resembles more what you want.