About us

Kimovil Smartphone Comparison, S.L. (for now Kimovil) is founded on December 2014 by four smartphones fanatics. Kimovil is an independent platform with useful, accurate and unbiased information created with the mission to help you find the perfect mobile for you at a reasonable price.

1. What we do

The browse hundreds of Chinese Web stores in which information is often incomplete, inaccurate or simply does not exist. It is a titanic task for a single person without the technical skills needed and this adds the distrust of users when approaching those kind of websites.

In Kimovil, we trace major Chinese and European mobile sales store one by one, checking their pages to help you find every day the best deal. The pages we provide belong to trusted shops with thousands of phones sold every month. This ensure a great purchasing experience and mitigate the risk of having problems with your phone (nothing is 100% reliable). We help you avoiding scams and give you the piece of a real shop behind every purchase.

2. How "Ki" works

We use our own mobile value, the "Ki". This "Ki" is a representation of the value we assign to each device and is calculated daily based on a series of parameters:

2.1. Performance

We use Antutu Benchmark to measure the power of CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. Despite the value of Antutu varies within the same terminal (depending on the version of operating system you have, programs loaded into memory ...) it remains a solid comparative benchmark. To come up with a final rating that take into account also the hardware we add also ram amount and technology, and the internal storage.

2.2. Design & materials

The colors, material and built quality can make the difference between a cheap looking and a premium device.

Consequently we have created the design & materials rating, that count the number of colours in which the device is available, the main construction materials, the thickness of the phone, the screen protection, protective materials and certified water and dust , its weight, the screen, the useful surface (the front space taken by the screen) and the side bezels.

2.3. Camera

Smartphone have given the opportunity to take stunning pictures without the need to carry heavy reflex around all day. It is consequently of no surprise that one of the most valued characteristic of a phone are its cameras. Camera rating use the values from resolution front and rear camera, sensor manufacturer, single, duao or triple camera, aperture, pixel size, and so on for a reference of the most complete phones with cameras.

2.4 Connect

Does this mobile use glonass, 4G, 3G 900Mhz band, 802.11ac? If you care about your wireless connectivity, will be interesting the Kiconnect, value networks, GPS, wifi bands, NFC and so on. Each device will consequently be assigned a connectivity rating to help making an informed choice.

2.5. Battery

The battery life of a device depends on many factors. Some are unique to each person like more or less data usage, what type of data used, whether or not the phone is used to play games, etc. This makes battery life very difficult to calculate, and although manufacturers estimate a duration in hours standby and talking, hardly are ever closer to reality. In Kimovil, we calculate the battery rating based on the battery milliamp hour, adding to the shaker the microprocessor, its speed, screen and its resolution. With this we calculate a value that is a reference for all mobiles. Certainly it´s not going to be exactly your battery life, but you can use this value as reference when comparing several phones.

2.6. Price

And do not forget the “boss”. We are not talking about Bruce… we are certainly referring to price. Price is a determining factor when purchasing a mobile device, we may want the phone more powerful, large, light, durable and the best camera, but will never be cheaper. That’s why the price is important to calculate the "Ki". Assigning a value based on the ratio between quality and price helps you finding a device that perfectly match your needs.