Comparar preços de celulares LeEco (LeTV)

Apresentamos-lhe uma lista de celulares da marca LeEco (LeTV) com os melhores preços num vasto catálogo de lojas nacionais e estrangeiras. Aqui poderá escolher qual é a loja mais adequada para comprar o seu celular marca LeEco (LeTV), já que lhe mostraremos o preço de cada celular nas lojas mais baratas do mundo.

TV Zhixin Electronics Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. based in Beijing, operates under the brand LETV. It's a great companty on digital content distribution in China. Content company also sells multimedia devices, multimedia players SmartTv's and now also Smartphones and will also start building cars. LeTV has focuses his business on TV contents, smartphones are ready to play multimeda content on streaming, and they are allways looking for an excellent user experience, incorporating quality materials. LeTV is a company that has over 400 million monthly users, 5,000 employees and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In his multimédia library has more than 100,000 TV sets and 5,000 films, surpassing other large as Samsung and Sony in the Chinese market. In April 2015 Yueting Jia, CEO and founder of LeTV announced its new smartphones and new journey of LeTV in the American market, establishing offices in Silicon Valley and opening another office in Los Angeles.


Celulares de LeEco (LeTV)