Confrontare i prezzi dei cellulari Otium

Ti presentiamo una lista di cellulari a marchio Otium con i migliori prezzi in un ampio catalogo di negozi presenti sul territorio nazionale e all'estero. Quì potrai scegliere il negozio più adatto per acquistare il tuo telefono a marchio Otium, poiché verrà visualizzato il prezzo di ciascun telefono nei negozi più economici al mondo.

Company name
Otium mobile communications Co., LTD
Date Foundation
Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China
Mobile Phones highlights
Otium Z4 Otium Q8, Otium S5

OTIUM on market

Young and ambitious Chinese mobile company. Otium has started its way in the world of telephony raising a number of clones of the most successful phones.

Surprisingly despite this, not focus your bet simply cloned from the top of the industry, but do the walk with some features not usually ride the most basic clones such as Fingerprint, Dragontrail protection modems with frequency bands 800 900 4G and 3G, and so.

Otium CEO, Langjie D comes from the world of programming and security in international telephony companies, giving a stamp of professionalism to their products. We are talking about a brand that mixing both classical cloning strategy Chinese companies, but working to differentiate the product from the other clones.


Cellulari da Otium