Buying Guide

Buy a smartphone among hundreds of existing options is a challenging task for most of us. Our objective in is to make this task more simple and also getting the best price.

To do this guide will help you with some simple steps, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much I want to spend on the phone?

Within kimovil smartphone comparison site find moving very powerful at reasonable prices, but nobody gives anything, if what you want is the last most powerful model in the market will have to pay, if instead your budget is tighter, think of a fork about 10 dollars below and above 20 (the price usually will have it in dollars) to not get out of it, for example if you want to spend $ 120 (looking between 110 and $ 140), often for a small price differential can find a large difference in quality worth.

  1. When do I want to receive the phone?

If you want a phone for the next week, buy it in your country (or continent) a mobile from China though it sent by courier express, not sure of arriving in a week for problems with customs. So you know, if you're not in a hurry to buy China is an option.

  1. Didn`t want problems with customs, warranty, etc?

Buy it in your country, you avoid any customs problem, the treatment will be more direct with the store, you will be covered more in terms of security and well before you arrive.

  1. Whichone is the best payment method?

If Chinese store uses Paypal purchases whenever possible, giving you the coverage in case of not receiving the package. If shopping in your country, all the shops that appear in kimovil are reliable, you can use paypal if you have it or Virtual POS, cash or bank transfer.

  1. What size mobile me is more comfortable?

Once you've got the money, think what kind of phone you are more comfortable, standard measures of actual screens you hover between 4.7" and 5 "although it is not what you need to fix, as there mobile screen 4.7 "larger than any of 5.1." this look at the actions of the terminal and the useful area of ​​the same (front percentage that corresponds to the screen.) If you have questions or want to spend time entertaining, you can take out the scale mockup from the information about the mobile and you get a more accurate idea of ​​the size of the phone.

  1. Which mobile features I value more?

  6.1 Camera:

   If you want to stop carrying the compact camera everywhere, take a good look at the features of the camera.

  · Megapixel: Currently 13 megapixel cameras are mounted at higher better, but make no mistake this is an important but not olo sis worthless.   · Sensor Model: Most of the high ranges mounted Sony, Samsung, or Carl Zeiss Omnivision sensors, but manufacturers of low-end terminals do not report the sensors, but the quality will be logically in the high end.   · Opening: Measures the amount of light is able to reach the sensor. Is reflected in the notation f / n, the lowest we can get better pictures in less light.   · Front camera: for video calls and Selfies, usually all you bring the terminals, but some very poor quality. Not usually come that identified more megapixels because they are used for casual photos. Rotating camera terminals are such that can rotate and use the back as front.

  6.2 Power:

   If you're playing the latest 3D games or want to keep many applications open simultaneously or even mount a server on your mobile, you have to look out on several features. In Kimovil use the data as the value of the Benchmark Antutu power to weight, but it is only a reference. You will have to look RAM too. Current versions of Android require 1 or 2Gb of RAM and run smoothly for a basic use, but if you want more than a basic use, look for more RAM.      6.3 Autonomy:

   Depending on the power, the screen and you use it to your mobile, you consume more or less battery. The largest terminals usually come with batteries (measured in milliampere hour mah) larger but also consume more. Also the more powerful micros consume more battery, but there are very optimized models (eg the LG G3) with very low fuel consumption despite riding a very fast microprocessor. In reference to the use Kimovil kibattery measuring screen size, power and battery capacity to give an estimate of duration. Think that this estimate will change much based on your mobile usage, internet access, games, GPS ... makes the terminal consumes more battery.         6.4 Hardness:

   It is recommended that the mobile has at least one Gorilla Glass protection (2, 3, 4) or Dragon trail to prevent scratching with keys or anything you carry in your pocket. But this more expensive mobile price and if you want it as a temporary second gift for a child or simply because they want to spend more, you'll find many terminals not    have no protection. If you care does not have to spend anything, nor have gorilla glass ensures that you will not go to the glass to break if dropped or bumped. There are also OGS manufacturing technology to give more strength to the glass.       If you want to swim with mobile or want to stop worrying if it gets wet, looking terminals IPXX certificates. THE first digit identifies the dust resistance (0-6) as the highest and the second highest water resistance (0-8), only the values ​​7 and 8 allow the dive and if your goal is to look professional we suggest this terminal specific for it.   

  6.5 Connectivity:

   I need this point to mention the networks, 3, 4G Chinese and European frequencies, the wifi, the NFC ...

  1. I have chosen mobile, store, shipping, payment and I bought my phone, now what?

First be patient, if you bought in China, a rule to wait almost a month to receive your order. You have to have the tracking in detail order on the web or what you have sent by mail. If not contact the support of the web so you get the tracking number. Usually take 3-4 days to have it, do not write them to 10 minutes of ordering.

If you spend the day and the package does not arrive, please note that if you used Paypal, not support claims within 45 days which is the broadest term giving for the package reaches its destination. From that moment, Paypal has 7 to 15 days to try to negotiate with the seller, and then have to wait 15 days to receive payment. Know that Paypal only ensures the full amount of the order if the purchase was made ​​on eBay.

In other stores, Paypal only checks the seller has made ​​sending a package, if reviewed by the trackings the package has been delivered or not. Do you do any start discussing with the support of the online store of one or two weeks, we recommend that you wait at least 42 days to make a claim to Paypal, please note that Paypal checks has been sent a package, not its contents.

  1. My new China Mobile has arrived, what do I do now?

It is VERY IMPORTANT that with a full video camera or mobile, you record the unboxing package, that package looks good received before opening anything, your data in the tracking labels printed on the package, etc.. Store envelopes and also seeks no tags to break open. This will be useful for potential claims.

As you do not see any problem with the phone, you can start to set it up and enjoy your new terminal.