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    User Reviews

    • Worst expecience I've ever had

      I've never regreted buying a phone so much as I regret of having bought the Mi A2. Mi A2 has such bad performance that many times it gets even slower than my old LG G2. It is slow even for very basic stuff like typing messages. Very often the keyboard would freeze completely then after a few seconds it types the word. It has a much newer and better hardware in comparison with LG G2 and in theory that would perform better but isn't what happens in real world. Actually in games for example it reachs much higher frame rates than the same games on LG G2 but despite that the G2 keeps the frame rate much more stable. The frame rate on Mi A2 is very unstable making the game experience terrible.
      The software is asbolute shit. I've bought the Mi A2 mostly for it's low price and the Android One program. I can't see any pros of getting this Android One phone since it got system updates later than many non-Android One phones.

      • Design
      • Battery
      • Build quality
      • Performance
      • Loud speakers
      • 0
      • Screen5.0
      • Performance3.3
      • Camera4.7
      • Connectivity5.6
      • Battery0.0
    • A bad smartphone, but still better than most mid-range smartphones

      The material used to build this phone was one of the worst i`ve ever seen. The speakers are terribly low, I almost can't hear anything even in a closed and very quietly place. If you want to find a place in a big city, forget using Google Maps in this phone. The GPS is useless.

      The optical stabilization is very good, also it is the camera in good conditions.

      • Good screen
      • Optical stabilization
      • Crazy GPS
      • Battery
      • Very bad material quality
      • Very bad speakers
      • 3.3
      • Screen5.3
      • Performance2.7
      • Camera6.0
      • Connectivity4.7
      • Battery0.0
    • The best experience I`ve ever had

      The OnePlus 3T offered to me the best experience I`ve ever had and that phone made me choose to stay with OnePlus for a long time, certainly I`ll buy a new phone from this brand in the future. Unfortunately, I had that phone stolen.

      The Dash Charger is a big deal. It`s just crazy how fast it is. It`s very hard to get accostumated to other phone once you`re accostumated with a OnePlus with Dash Charger. When I had it, during the weekend I used to meet with my friends at a bat after the work. I'd went to my my home with my phone almost discharged, put it to charge for some minutes, time enough to take a shower and wear new clothes. Then... BAM, the phone is ready to stay on all the night with heavy use. Just amazing.

      I can;t say much about the performance, it's just great. Really, really fast. But I felt some stutterings during web browsing.

      The camera isn't the best you can find on a high end smartphone, but still a good camera in good conditions.

      • Smoothness
      • Optical Stabilization
      • Fast charger
      • Good cable quality
      • Clean UI
      • Frequent updates
      • Battery
      • 9.9
      • Screen7.5
      • Performance10
      • Camera8.3
      • Connectivity10
      • Battery5.0

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