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      User Reviews

      • Movil muy completo con buen hardware y software.

        Tiene un buen hardware para su precio (gama media alta) por precio de gama baja media.
        Para el usuario medio MIUI le servira e ira mas que sobrado. Yo en mi caso le he puesto cyanogenmod14, pero es cuestion de gustos.

        • Fluidez
        • Procesador y rendimiento
        • Ram
        • Miui estable con funciones utiles
        • Bateria
        • Sensor de infrarrojos
        • Un poco grueso, pero se compensa porser redondeado
        • Se raya facilmente la parte trasera
        • 9
        • Screen8.5
        • Performance9.7
        • Camera8.8
        • Connectivity9.3
        • Battery9.0
      • Auto
        comprehensive mobile with good hardware and software.

        It has a good hardware for its price (high midrange) average price of low-end. For the average user MIUI serve him and anger but me left over. In my case I've put cyanogenmod13, but it is a matter of taste.

        • Fluency
        • Processor and Performance
        • RAM
        • Miui stable with useful features
        • Battery
        • Infrared sensor
        • A bit thick, but is offset rounded porser
        • the back is easily scratched
        • 9.7
        • Screen7.8
        • Performance9.7
        • Camera9.0
        • Connectivity10
        • Battery9.0

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