¿Kimovil is a store?

No, Kimovil is not a store, but a smartphone comparison site. Kimovil find the best options, but you buy in the target online shop, Kimovil makes no business relationship with you.

Do smartphones bought in China go through Customs?

Every day, from hundreds and hundreds of Chinese containers from china, all logically are not smartphones. For reference, in Spain, Customs review approximately 8% of containers received to check its content (danger materials: guns, money, explosives and how to control illegal importation) due to that volume of goods received and Customs small staff, is more difficult to control all containers. A custom cares raise money and focus more so on the larger packages.     If your smartphone is within that percentage you'll see in the tracking information, that is being reviewed by customs and if they inspect your package ( not all parts of containers are inspected) will have to pay VAT and any duties .     In case of being inspected, you will receive a notification of the Customs. Check the amounts and in the documentation will facilitate various numbers of different bank account to make payment. Make income proof and requests in the bank because you will need to send it scanned or faxed to Customs to check that the payment has been made.

Once it has been checked, the package is released and you will be notified. In about three days you will have it at home. The amount payable is based on the amount of what you bought (no matter the declared value of the package, no one will believe that a mobile costs $ 10 because they put in the package or a gift or sample). Customs Duties, VAT and management post, which can be an amount between 25 and 50 euros.

Do not delay in making the payment and send the receipt legally if not you answer in 15 days may be returned to the sender or destroyed.     This information refers to the Spanish legislation, if you reside in another country check import laws that apply your country.

What is the best type of shipping?

There are three things to consider, the cost ranges from about 0-40 dollars, shipping time ranging from 5 to 45 days and the possibility of having to pay customs fees that are very high in express courier companies. Of course if you buy in a store in your country's, dont consider customs variant.

China Post, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post: They are normally used in the free delivery by the Chinese shops. Should have cost ranges from 4 to 16 dollars. They are slow in coming to more generally;

  • 10% of deliveries between 12 and 15 days.
  • 70% of deliveries between 16 and 29 days.
  • 20% of deliveries between 30 and 45 days.

By this shipment, the shop, usually will send you a tracking that will help us for tracking our order. The tracking may take a couple of days to appear. If you do not receive the tracking from seller, ask for it and of course do the same if you do not receive your shipment within 45 days.

The good part is that with EMS are the least likely to go through customs control.

EMS: It usually takes a fee, around $ 30 depending on weight and size of the packages. EMS is the company's Hong Kong Post within two types of EMS shipping, Registered Airmail and Speedpost. The first take 7 to 10 days and the second from 11 to 20 days.

They will send a tracking number that starts with RA, EE or EA you can track on the website of HongKongpost, Mail or Speedpost. You'll also have less chance of going through Customs control.

UPS, DHL, FedEx: The delivery company is the quickest option of 3-6 days to have the phsmartphone one in your house. Logically they are the more expensive ones , DHL cost about 27 dollars cheaper, FedEx is around 32 dollars and 40 dollars UPS. This price depends on the size and weight of the package.

If you're in a hurry these are your best options, but they are more likely they are to be inspected and touch you pay customs, most notably large shipments are inspected medium size. In this case the customs management makes you own courier company they will charge you directly without paperwork, transfers. The cost of customs fees and management can change between 45 and 70 euros, if your goal was to get cheapest Chinese smartphone, note that the shipping amount by a courier company and the cost of customs may make it more expensive I buy it at a local store.

Where can i check my order tracking?

It depends wich one of the shipping method have you choice:

Why the amounts vary slightly when I go to the website of the seller?

Generally, the Chinese used the dollar store as default currency at other times if you come from a European country using the euro. In Kimovil perform a conversion based on the exchange rate of the European Central Bank updating it daily, but shops can not update the exchange rate so assiduously, using another conversion or simply improve their margin with a rate more favorable to them.

In most cases, price match, but you can find cases 1 or 2 euros or pounds apart up and down on the price you've seen in

Does the mobile comes in my language?

You'll have to check the Seller languages ​​have the ROM with which you send mobile. Note that the default Android and comes in multiple languages ​​so you will have no problem. In specific cases are only in Chinese and English, if there ROM's in other languages ​​you can install on your mobile, check the manufacturer's website, mobile pages or ask help from your cousin, neighbor, co-worker, friend ... Android applications exist that allow us to translate virtually every operating system menus.

Does a chinese mobile work in my country?

Check the frequencies for 2G, 3G, 4G that are used in your country. In all the facts and shops that you can find from kimovil, the networks and frequencies are shown on which the device works. You can use our Kimovil Frequency Checker tool to be sure.

What if the order does not arrive from China?

In Kimovil revise actual stores, but that does not stop you have problems with a lost shipment or distribution problems of Chinese or even European store.

The first thing we recommend is that in kimovil be patient, to wait almost a month to receive your rule order. If you used PayPal note that it will not support claims within 45 days which is the broader term given for the package to arrive at your destination. From that time, PayPal has 7 to 15 days to try to negotiate with the seller, and then have to wait 15 days to receive payment.

Know that PayPal only ensures the full amount of the order if the purchase is made ​​on eBay. In other stores, PayPal only checks the seller has made ​​sending a packet, reviewed by the trackings if the package has been delivered or not. It will not do any good to begin discussing with the support of the online shop for a week or two, we recommend that you wait at least 42 days to lay claim to PayPal, please note that PayPal checks that it has sent a packet, NO content.

It is VERY IMPORTANT with a video camera or mobile, record the complete unboxing of the package, it looks good the received packet before opening anything, your data in the tracking labels printed on the package, etc. Save envelopes and also try not to break open tags. This can help you to potential claims.

How does a Chinese mobile warranty work?

A Chinese smartphone has six months or one year warranty depending on where you buy it, less than in other countries such as Spain, which by law the warranty is two years. In case you have the misfortune to have a problem with your phone, you must contact the seller to open a dispute, it will ask the data of the problem afflicting the terminal. If you accept the dispute (as in normal, if your mobile phone is dropped and the screen is broken, it will not cover the warranty but if it is a manufacturing defect will not have problems), you have to send the phone back to China taking charge you of postage to be about 14 euros. Once repaired you will send it for free.

Warranties in China work, and the more reliable is the best seller, but the bad part is that between the time of outward and return can spend two to three months without your mobile.

What form of payment can I use?

PayPal delas In most stores accept PayPal for payment. PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online, you pay by debit card, credit card or bank account through PayPal. It is the method used to pay as it is reliable and you have the assurance that if something happens to your money refunded. Paypal charges a percentage of between 2 and 3% to the seller, so in some stores the payment on PayPal has a slight cost.

Virtual POS: if you do not have Paypal, the payment is usually paid by TPV in this case will have no problem whenever you are buying trusted stores (all stores that appear in are).

For Aliexpress, a sales platform across multiple retailers and the final seller, payment not to sellers is directly but Aliexpres which is what is responsible for ensuring that the payment is correct and the seller will receive payment when you confirm you have received the goods. This increases security and trust for both the buyer (no pass data platforms from vendors) and seller (avoid risk of fraud).

Other payment options: Options for payment by bank transfer or Western Union from do not recommend any of them, are slower and have less security you can always opt for PayPal or second case by TPV. In stores in your country you can find cash on delivery sometimes it is reliable because you do not pay until you receive the package but usually have on cost.

What is the usable surface?

Each day the size we consider "normal" screen is rising, but not worry so much the size of the top and bottom sides of the phone.

In kimovil calculate the remaining space on the front of your phone screen is not calling it useless surface (Notuss: NOt Usable Surface). Each phone model has a more or less marked edge with which the data is not accurate for all phones, but it serves as a reference to compare.

Does the model of kimovil "origami" of each mobile is 100% real?

No, there is a slight variation as to make the model we use the highest width and depth provided by the manufacturer and the size of mobile screen, but the angle of the edges of the phone are not fed in the list of manufacturers to that you use one standard for all.

When you print orignami, does not use print resizing, because it will change the size of it. The model will help you to find a very precisely how comfortable or not you think the mobile as well as to entertain the kids while they are manufacturing your new smartphone.