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Overall satisfaction
  • 10
  • 17
  • 6
  • 3
  • 5
41 opinions
  • Screen6.2
  • Performance5.9
  • Camera4.8
  • Connectivity7.6
  • Battery8.4
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Design & Materials

Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone?

41 opinions

Do you think it's a nice phone?

41 opinions

Is it comfortable?

41 opinions

Can you see it well in the sunlight?

41 opinions

Performance & Hardware

Does it have good sound?

41 opinions

Does it work smoothly in everyday use?

41 opinions

What's your experience been with demanding games?

41 opinions


Quality of daytime photos

41 opinions

Quality of nighttime photos

41 opinions

Quality of selfies

41 opinions

Does it have a powerful flash?

41 opinions


Does it have good coverage for calls?

41 opinions

Quality of the GPS

41 opinions

And the WiFi?

41 opinions


How long does the battery last?
  • 0%
    Less than half day
  • 12%
    Less than a day
  • 20%
    One day
  • 44%
    More than one day
  • 24%
    Two days or more

41 opinions


Did it come with preinstalled applications?
  • 13%
    It comes with a clean operating system
  • 58%
    It has preinstalled apps but they don't bother me
  • 30%
    It has preinstalled apps that I can't uninstall

41 opinions

Do you regularly receive updates?
  • 37%
  • 11%
    Once a year
  • 34%
    Every six months
  • 17%
    Every two months or less

41 opinions

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User reviews

User Reviews

  • Отличная долгоиграющая звонилка на каждый день.

    • 8.7
    • Screen5.5
    • Performance6.3
    • Camera3.0
    • Connectivity7.7
    • Battery9.0
  • It was good before it died for no reason

    • Battery
    • Flash
    • GPS
    • Durable
    • Screen
    • Weight
    • 7.1
    • Screen7.8
    • Performance5.3
    • Camera7.3
    • Connectivity8.0
    • Battery9.0
  • Bulky phone with strong battery

    I don't like the design of the phone, because of its big battery the phone is thick. Battery is strong but you need to tweak the phone to get extensive battery life because it has high usage when in standby mode.

    • Big battery
    • Good price if bought under 75$
    • Camera average
    • No setup wizard on startup
    • Need to manually setup everything
    • Can't transfer settings from old phone
    • Not a nice looking device
    • 6.9
    • Screen5.5
    • Performance7.7
    • Camera7.3
    • Connectivity7.7
    • Battery10
  • Good budget smartphone for around $100 but it dies after only 4-month...buyer beware

    I was happy with my budget Doogee X5 Max Pro until it suddenly died one day while charging. All-in-all it lasted about 4-months and when I contacted the seller at the Doogee official store on-lline, the seller told me to take it for repair on my own expense as there was no expressed warranty after the initial 15-days. I'm not happy at all. As the saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". I will not buy another Doogee product from this seller ever again. NEVER.

    • 6.9
    • Screen7.0
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera5.0
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery7.0
  • Filled with Trojans, adware and malware. Do not buy.

    I ordered 3 of these from the official importer. All had a trojan in systemui.apk (So you cannot remove it, even wehn you root the phone) and several adware/malwares which can only be deleted if you root the phone. (As one is in the update-program, you will not receive updates automatically anymore). A phone which is filled with virusses by the factory... Unbelievable. Sent mine back to the seller. No more Doogee for me. ever !

    • None that i can think of.
    • Free Trojans, Adware and Malware.
    • 0.1
    • Screen3.5
    • Performance1.0
    • Camera2.5
    • Connectivity6.0
    • Battery7.0
  • It's a good value for money smartphone. It's quick and it's nice looking. Only bad is the night photos! LED Flash sucks!

    • Value
    • Design
    • Power
    • Long battery life (2days+)
    • LED Flash
    • Display may get scratches with no protector on
    • 9
    • Screen9.0
    • Performance9.3
    • Camera5.3
    • Connectivity8.7
    • Battery10
  • Another nice budget phone from Doogee

    I bought it about 2 weeks after it was released. It is not a good looking phone, nor a light one, but it does the job. The display quality is the worst among all the phones I have had, because it isn't accurate at all (You need to be careful while writing on it), neither it has good bright (In direct sunlight, it is hardly clear), and the overall image quality is a shite. The sound is not its strength neither (It distorts a lot at max volume, and the max volume is pretty low). On top of that, the sound system got fucked, and went completely silent a month ago (It probably happened because this poor cellphone have fallen a lot of times). The front camera is somehow nice, but the rear one is plain bad. Also, the signal reception is pretty poor almost all the time (It is maybe because my carrier use different bands, I don't know, but I had to change it to 2G to get a acceptable signal reception).
    Basically I bought it because of its specs, and I received a smooth but shitty device.

    • 2G of RAM are amazing for everyday usage.
    • It is smooth almost all the time, rarely lagging.
    • 16GB of space are sufficient for everything now.
    • Pure Android with almost no bloatware.
    • It is cheap!
    • Shitty GPU (It can't play 60 fps videos from YouTube).
    • Low-quality cameras (Both of them).
    • Low-quality sound.
    • Low-quality signal reception.
    • Heavy, fat and ugly phone.
    • 4.9
    • Screen6.5
    • Performance7.3
    • Camera6.8
    • Connectivity6.3
    • Battery9.0
  • Auto
    China face

    Viruses in the system right away, ads in new firmware, lottery with touchpad

    • 5.9
    • Screen5.2
    • Performance2.6
    • Camera3.5
    • Connectivity6.3
    • Battery5.0
  • Auto
    The worst I've had. Fatal. Comes with factory Malware

    I regret having bought it. The only positive thing was the price (€ 53) in Amazon ... But the fatal camera, goes to, your BALL, access without touching him, apps, the lantern is turned on by itself. ...a disaster. I have reset it and formatted it to start three times in a month .... And after 4 or 5 days (without downloading new apps) ... the advertising begins ... until the phone is UNUSED. I have lost a lot of files with these TONNIES. I will return it ..... To be studied by CHINESE IS BEING A VERY UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE.

    • Camera, weight, thickness, and that you can desistalar advertising
    • 0.8
    • Screen3.2
    • Performance2.3
    • Camera4.0
    • Connectivity6.6
    • Battery5.0
  • Auto
    Poor service!

    The smartphone is a good choice, but technical support only exists in the East. I've had the rear camera broken for a year now and I can not get the help in those countries to repair it. In short: Do not buy!

    • 4.1
    • Screen7.0
    • Performance7.0
    • Camera6.0
    • Connectivity7.0
    • Battery9.0

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Ki Price/Quality
No price,
no Ki
  • 2.6 Design & Materials
  • 4.0 Performance & Hardware
  • 3.7 Camera
  • 4.0 Connectivity
  • 6.9 Battery
What is a Ki score?
Ki is an automatic score based on the specifications and prices of devices. It is calculated using over 200 variables to rank smartphones, tablets and other devices from best to worst.
How do we calculate the Ki?

In this case, to determine the score we evaluate 5 general aspects:

  • Design and screen
  • Hardware and performance
  • Camera
  • Connectivity
  • Battery

Once these 5 factors have been rated, we introduce the price variable. This means that any two devices with the same ratings get a different Ki score for quality vs price.

Even a device objectively worse than another may have a higher Ki score if it has a better price.

Does the Ki score change?

The Ki varies as time goes by. As new devices with better specifications enter the market the Ki score of older devices will go down, always being compensated of their decrease in price.