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    Great cell phone and very beautiful, something already expected from Xiaomi

    Handsome cell phone, the sound quite loud surprised me. It has good cameras and large screen with precise Touch. Fall-resistant (I knocked down the same day twice from the pocket straight on the floor and without a cover or film, the screen remained intact, just scratched the metal paint on the body of the phone). It has very fluid use (hardly hangs, except when I leave dozens of guides open accidentally and I simultaneously open heavy games, switching from one to another). The fingerprint sensor is quite accurate and fast, just like the system of the phone itself. The battery lasts all day for me (use all the time) and there is still about 20% left over at night. I have over 100 apps downloaded and still have spare memory (3GB + 32GB); Xiaomi is to be congratulated. Just what I did not like was the fact that the rear camera is quite skipped, easy to scratch when supporting the phone on flat surfaces, and the 3.5mm phone jack that is on the bottom of the phone (bad for use) . Other than that, splendid.

    • Great value for money
    • Very good cameras
    • Use fluid, fast, do not lock
    • Left over
    • Fast and accurate navigation
    • Battery life lasts all day long
    • Easy back skipped back camera
    • 3.5mm input on the bottom is poor to use
    • Comes with annoying Google apps that do not uninstall
    • 9.5
    • Screen9.5
    • Performance9.3
    • Camera8.5
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
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    Great cell phone but insulated for bad water

    I had one and it was perfect. Put it in the water, turn it off and the plate will burn. Battery lasted long, great performance in games and screen resolution. The only problem is to be a waterproof Smartphone with poor insulation. The plate burned because it got wet, and the cell phone was gone. The price of repair can buy a new phone.

    • Good Cameras
    • Optimum resolution
    • Beautiful cell phone with good footprint
    • Wheel all smooth without locking
    • Poor insulation for water
    • Spare Parts / Repair
    • 8.7
    • Screen8.7
    • Performance9.0
    • Camera7.5
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery9.0
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    A great cell phone, I used it for 5 years until the battery addicted

    Xperia ZQ / ZL is a great cell phone. It takes beautiful photos, good to hold in your hand. The back helps to hold it without dropping, rubbery and rounded. HD screen, wheel many heavy games without crashing. He can handle a lot, and the battery is good. Bad points: - The front camera is on the bottom of the phone, it hinders selfie. You need to turn the phone upside down to get a good angle. - Comes with many useless factory apps that can not be uninstalled. After 5 years of the purchase I stopped using it because the battery addicted. It lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes nowadays. But when it worked, it was perfect. Rooteei, I exploded the memory of so much heavy game installed, and the cell phone held it all in a good one. I do not regret buying, the best cell phone I ever had.

    • Great Cameras
    • Good performance in heavy games
    • Good battery
    • Good catch
    • Great screen resolution
    • Wheel clean everything, no bugs
    • Front camera should be on top
    • Factory apps spend memory
    • Expensive for 2GB + 16GB
    • Expensive parts
    • 9.4
    • Screen9.5
    • Performance8.3
    • Camera7.5
    • Connectivity10
    • Battery10
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    It is a very basic cell phone, for the price you can not get one like this if you were Brazilian. It suits the needs of the day-to-day.

    - When you turn it on for the first time, the cell phone heats up considerably on the back of the phone from the charging connector to the fingerprint sensor (the whole back side is hot). - Using the charger that comes from the factory, it is time consuming for the battery to charge and the power supply becomes very hot. - The touch is not accurate, it fails a few times and will not work right to click on small things. - The cameras leave the image grainy. - The fingerprint sensor is also not very accurate, even registering all the ends of the finger it will cost to understand when it is touched. - By the way, facial recognition is good. It helps a lot when digital does not work. - Hang up a bit while trying to download or open many applications at once. - The sound is not quality, but it's quite loud. Smartphone is basic. It suits the needs of the day-to-day. Bad point: HD videos hang on the phone, even downloaded. He no

    • You do not have the Android virus.
    • Good price
    • 1 day battery life, basic use
    • Flashy high sound
    • Comes with plastic film
    • Do not run Crunchyroll
    • Factory charger heats up
    • The back of the cell phone warms up
    • Touch-screen is neither accurate nor very sensitive
    • Fingerprint reader is not accurate
    • Hard back cover
    • 6.9
    • Screen5.7
    • Performance5.3
    • Camera4.2
    • Connectivity7.3
    • Battery7.0

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