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        User Reviews

        • Weak GPS and compass

          This phone has 2 major weaknesses for my intended use (hiking in forests and mountains)

          1. GPS is imprecise, always adjusting position tens and even hundreds of meters. It takes at least 30 seconds AFTER FIX for GPS to stabilize. I checked real altitude with map, my previous calibrated altimeter watch Casio PRW-3100 and an external GPS logger Canmore GT-750F with Sirf IV chipset. Signal levels from satellites reported by various programs (in dBm) are lower than other phones eg. my old Galaxy S4 . This is especially bad in cities, it places you a few streets away.

          2. Compass needs calibration on every use, and even with this is not consistent - on a perfectly horizontal surface North as indicated by this compass depends on phone orientation - I keep the phone on the same spot on table and rotate it - and voila ! the North is now to my left as opposed to my right where it should be.

          • 6.1
          • Screen9.8
          • Performance7.0
          • Camera4.3
          • Connectivity5.7
          • Battery10

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