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    User Reviews

    • All kinds of small problems with internal components and a HUGE issue with the software updates. Not recommended for the updates.

      Clearly the worse part is the software: Almost no software updates, when there is one usually it comes with problems. OTA not working, so you have to follow the instructions they have on their FORUM posts, and then do a factory reset, loosing all your data BOTH IN MEMORY AND SD.
      Some hardware problems with the first versions, no help to replace it.
      Both headphone and usb need to be special (extra deep), so only original.
      It is a tough son of a beach. I even used it several times as a mallet (soft hammer), run over it with the car (about 1.5 T of pure VW Passat b5) and survived without scratches.
      Camera is just to survive, not a big deal; but it has camera button to take pictures under water. Mine never got a scratch in the camera, even though I got really scared about it.
      Battery life is a disappointment, after getting 2-3 days with intensive usage in my previous bv6000 (RIP, buddy), the 1 day duration without a big usage is not what you expect.
      Software updates is the worse.

      • Strong
      • Hard
      • Good GPS
      • I like the looks of it (not everyone does)
      • Heavy (I like to feel my phone in the pocket)
      • SOS and PTT button configurable (never knew how)
      • Software updates
      • Technical Support
      • Headphone and usb ports too deep (not compatible)
      • Camera
      • Will not release open source
      • Support is in FORUMS
      • 3.5
      • Screen8.2
      • Performance8.3
      • Camera3.2
      • Connectivity10
      • Battery7.0
    • Auto
      Une how good of a mobile to mobile for sport and play.

      It works very well, it has trifles as a place to tie a cord (or something that floats, as the mobile fleet not alone: ​​P), resists very well all (falls, rallones ...), and also brings pieces parts (screws and caps) !! Responds fast, fluid, with large and expandable microSD memory, the location is very rapid (<2 seconds) and accurate, internet goes fast and has turbo download function (4G + wifi) and even includes NFC payment function. An urban mobile powerful. Built SOS button gives you the assurance that, even under water, or with broken / unusable screen, you can call emergency and send your location to who you believe. The camera button allows you to take pictures under water (Touch does not work). It is a powerful sportscar. Too bad the connectors on the charger and the headphones have such close access it difficult to use other cables other than the originals. Much better than I expected

      • Resistant
      • Powerful
      • functional (extra buttons)
      • Submersible
      • GPS-GLONASS very fast
      • powerful image quality and camera
      • USB connectors and very narrow headphones
      • I got spotted by customs
      • altitude sensor must be calibrated
      • chubby (without going over, but brand package)
      • Compass does not point as far north as should
      • 8.9
      • Screen8.3
      • Performance9.3
      • Camera4.7
      • Connectivity8.3
      • Battery10
    • Auto
      Do not let me install anything, the memory fills up quickly, and leaves no use SD

      • 1.5
      • Screen6.0
      • Performance3.0
      • Camera5.8
      • Connectivity6.7
      • Battery10

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